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    hi, my name is veronica, most people call me v. i am a bedwetter and a adult baby. i love hello kitty, i am a goth most of the time and am always willing to make friends. i am transgender, male to female, i live my life as a female. i dont mind answering questions, if your ever curious about something just ask. there are a few questions i prefer you not ask like when i decided to be a girl, or how long have i known and definately what my male name is. i am very kind and sweet, im not into the whole dom/sub scene. im strictly a baby, i dont do the mommy thing. my age at heart varies from 12 months to 1 and a half years old. i am funny, smart and very resourceful. i think that about sums it up, hope to make some new friends here =^.^=
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    hello Veronica! since you consider yourself a woman i will refer to you as a "she" or "her" from now on unless otherwise specified. other then the obvious stuff you just mentioned what are your other interests? you into art,music,video games,sports? me personally i am into paintings from Bob Ross as well as video games and roleplaying games like dungeons and dragons. also i play a unusual full contact sport called Dagohir. it's basically a glorified Nerf baseball bat fight essentially. i call it full contact because it's about as rough as a typical football game. you will have no problems making friends here i think so welcome to ADISC!

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    well as for other interests i like to write abdl stories and omg do i love writing and reading poetry, esp. if close to or in the style of edgar allen poe. im a computer geek, electronics freak and am screwed up a bit mentally. i love to cook, but i'd never be able to mention everything that im interested, theres too much more stuff to try and too little time to do so.

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    Hello, welcome to Adisc's forums. As to the personal info you have mentioned, I can assure you there are many others who share your description: we have many tg people, some poets, many nerdy types with computer geeks especially common.

    i live my life as a female.
    Well, good: and so you should, since the inner you is the real you. As to

    a few questions i prefer you not ask like when i decided to be a girl, or how long have i known and definately what my male name is.
    you did right to mention your no-go areas up front. It sounds like those are questions you get asked a lot, possibly by other tg people ; but whatever your reasons may be, absolutely your wishes will be respected here.If anyone does ask those things, refer them back to your intro post. There's a lot more to a person than their gender!

    Also, it's natural for people to wonder about those things when it comes to themselves or others. Now I happen to be very interested in what age I first yearned to wear plastic pants, as part of answering the perplexing question of "why?" Same with my furry species. Self-examination and introspection come with being who we are, as we venture forward towards self acceptance.

    I know this sounds trite and maybe cliched. But this is, after all, a support site. This is where troubled people come, to be befriended, reassured, hugged and counseled. Lots of us once went half-mad with self-loathing, by turns ridding ourselves of all our diapers, then replenishing our supplies, in a vicious and expensive cycle. We have no cure to offer, and the best advice we can give a person is to learn to accept themself. Really, only then can they get on with living the rest of their life fully and happily.

    Okay, that's a bit heavy to lay on ya on your first day here, perhaps. But you did say,

    and am screwed up a bit mentally
    , and we are here to help as best we know how. Without judging, or speaking down to you.. And never mind my pedantic antics.

    I have a song link for you that sums up a lot of what I just said. It's by Leonard Cohen, whom I have seen live... his wiki says

    welcome to Adisc.
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