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    I was planning on buying myself baby formula along with a baby bottle because I bought similac before it was only the package of like 12 nursers but now I want more formula and a good baby bottle anybody have any recommendations I was thinking maybe similac go & grow for toddlers but I don't know I want something that's good so that I can drink while sitting in my Goodnites.

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    Babies don't use goodnights, those are for toddlers when they are learning not to wet themselves. You need to have tape on diapers for being a baby and drinking formula. Personally I never found a good tasting one but I found if I had a little honey or chocolate to the formula it made it tasty you may do that.

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    I can't stand similac. The taste is awful. I drink Enfagrow Toddler Next Step Vanilla Powder the taste is way better! Gerber Graduates Toddler Formula also taste great. The bottles that I have are the Looney Tunes baby bottles 8 oz.

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    I haven't tried many, and I don't drink formula often, but of those I have tried, I've found I like the taste of the pre-mixed liquid formula better than the powders that you mix at home.

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    I Agree with BabyToddler, the taste of formula (at least those I have tried) is awful! I like to just have plain milk... or Chocolate milk... :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyTak View Post
    What about adult formulas such as ensure?

    I drink Ensure and Boost. I drink them when I'm working as an adult - and I don't have time for lunch - and they are great.

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