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Thread: My mom found my empty bag of diapers

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    Default My mom found my empty bag of diapers

    mi mom fond my poppy dipers n said "if u wanna b baby den ill treat u lyke bbay!!!1!" n then she dippered me :O

    No, but seriously. I went to a friend's house this past weekend, and my mom cleaned my room, including under my bed for the first time ever. Well, there was an empty Molicare bag under there and a diaper tied in a plastic bag under there that I had forgotten to take out on Thursday, as well as some pink training panties. She found them (and threw them away, minus the training panties). So naturally I was freaking out. Then, not long ago (just a couple hours ago or so), she confronted me about it. What'd she say? Just to make sure I remembered to throw out the diaper next time

    Anyone else have supportive parents or parents that just don't care?

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    My parents don't care, as long as I don't leave used diapers laying around my room, which even for me would be unacceptable. They don't have to buy my diapers so it only makes sense they could care less!

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    My dad largely doesn't seem to mind all that much. A few months ago (mid august I think) I made a topic about asking him for some again. After a few weeks I brought up the subject again and he said he wasn't going to support it which I understood since well. I'm 25 and should have a job to earn this sort of stupid stuff for myself.

    However we made a deal where I help him with yard/house work since he's been kinda weak physically recently. so thursday he let me order a case of Bellisimos or however they are spelled. Though much like AbbieB's mom he'll want used ones throw away ASAP, which won't be a problem.

    (Still have to work more for him BTW)

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    Yeah when I told my mom, I was almost in tears due to fear or rejection, but she said whatever made me happy, and left it at that.

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    My mother found some of my diapers while re-organizing my closet. I made it clear that I prefer to do that sort of thing myself for privacy reasons, and that's was that. No mention of it

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    She found trash under your bed (empty bag and used diaper) and she threw them away, well that's not too bad. My mom would have probably pitched the the non-trash as well. I can understand the freaking out part. How to respond most likely depends on how she was reacting to you.

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