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Thread: Let's brag for once.

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    Default Let's brag for once.

    So many people go through day to day with the stories of "meh, just hangin in" or people come to one another when they're going through hard times. One thing that's always frowned upon in cultures is bragging.

    I think we need a place to do such a thing.

    I think its a great way to get to REALLY know one another and to boost confidence. Just brag away! List five things that you're proud of yourself for accomplishing in life.

    The point isn't to show off or out do one another, its to congratulate one another for the right things. Praise is often neglected in today's fast paced workforce.

    /I'm/ performing the kick off because I'm interested in the strong minds and men and women I'm sitting among. Not fishing.

    Don't be shy, here, I'll get the ball started.

    1) I was a cadet. Not any cadet, I reached the rank of C/MSgt and staffed a cadet basic as a first sergeant. I also attended the Marine Corps DEP as an applicant.

    2) At 19, I was managing the front-end of a grocery store as an asst. manager. At times I was in charge of closing and performing voids on transactions. Meh, glamorous, right? Ehhhh....

    3) Currently, I am an electronic music producer and a rapper.

    4) I'm an AB/DL. A proud AB/DL. I'm comfortable with myself enough to admit that I can hold onto my innocence, among other things.

    5) Every day I stand up on my own two and I speak with my chest, not with my doubt, and I'm becoming stronger every day. I hope to lead a life to encourage others to do the same.

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    Mary Schmich had a really good line in "Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young" (later turned into the somewhat popular "sunscreen song" that I've always taken to heart:

    "Whatever you do, don't congratulate yourself too much, or berate yourself either. Your choices are half chance. So are everybody else's."

    I've always taken that to mean: as much as we are all partially responsible for our own destinies, and as much as people have squandered amazingly good fortune and others have turned shit into gold, an uncomfortable chunk of our success (or failure) comes down to the hand we are dealt.

    To that end I've always felt more comfortable with things I "earned" rather than things that were made available to me due to circumstance. My career in the software industry is probably the thing I'm most proud of. Started at the bottom and am climbing the ladder very quickly. Currently in a great position at a large software company and getting frequent calls from other companies looking to recruit me (which gives me an embarrassingly huge ego boost.. years ago I had to fight to get in the door, now they are calling me).

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    The main thing I feel I really deserve to be proud of is my success in storm chasing. This year I have finally been able to leave my home state and chase the plains states and it has been wonderful. My first year has given me 9 tornados, 2 being EF4s as well as the el reno tornado (which had EF5 strength winds despite its rating being dropped) which was the largest recorded tornado in history. I also saw several of these tornados at very close range (within a quarter mile).

    other then chasing there are couple things I am proud of, but they are all things that I was just lucky enough to be born with, nothing that I really earned.

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    Served 10 years in the army, serving in the United States and in Germany.
    Worked as and working as a Police officer. Handled cases from simple domestic problems to homicides. Most fulfilling case I ever worked on was a dumped burned body that turned out to be a neighbors daughter. Took 5 years to find the suspect and convict but the guy is doing life now.
    Most fulfilling life experience, stepfather to two wonderful kids and 3 fantastic grandkids.
    Had many other great things in life, saved a couple of lives, helped remove people from abusive situations, assisted mentally ill people off the street and into life functioning development homes. I have led a good life and hope to do it for many more years to come.

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    I was told by my high school councilor that I would never amount to anything not his exect words but still being in special ed type classes since day 1 it hurt but today I am on track of being a successful truck driver every day I have permission to get behind the wheel of a vehicle with 24 tires, 10 gears and a max hauling weight of 105500 so to the councilor who said those hateful words in high school I say :p haha

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    1. im an accomplished mechanic and have restored several classic cars.

    2. I did animal rescue for a decade.

    3. I helped start the RoadWar, which has now become the Wasteland Weekend. An event for those into dressing post apocalyptic and camping.

    4. I graduated highschool at just 16

    5. Im a pretty good at skeet shooting, even won a few minor competitions over the years.

    wow.. i must have lower self esteem than i thought, coming up with five things was tough. I kept wanting to ad "ive beat Zelda on nes, in under 90 minutes". lol

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    My wife and paid for our first house by the time we were 27.

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    1. I'm an artist. I'd say I'm good but that would be for you to judge and HAHA you aren't going to, not posting anything of mine on this site.

    2. I'm Canadian, it's kind of a big deal. It's kind of a great country.

    3. I'm god

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    I smoked a pack of cigarettes every day and drank a bottle of Southern Comfort every night. I gave it all up and two years later I ran a twenty six mile marathon in two hours and fifty five minutes (and even brought my time down in subsequent races).

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    Quote Originally Posted by starrunner View Post
    I smoked a pack of cigarettes every day and drank a bottle of Southern Comfort every night. I gave it all up and two years later I ran a twenty six mile marathon in two hours and fifty five minutes (and even brought my time down in subsequent races).
    That is a great accomplishment good job.

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