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Thread: Gaming Communitiy for AB/DL

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    Default Gaming Communitiy for AB/DL

    What is everyone's opinion on starting a cross platform gaming community for AB/DLs. It would be a good way to meet new people who share your interests and have some fun. We could do something like during the week it's kind of by ear. But the weekends we could do a massive community game night where we all get on and play a specific set of games as a group. It would be on Xbox play station and computer.

    What do you all think about this idea

    Im Wingull

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    I think that would be a solid idea. I would only be available to play on the PC/Steam currently, though.

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    Although I currently do not own any gaming console or device, I am planning on getting a PS3 in the future, so I think this would be a wonderful idea!

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    im game for PC and Xbox 360, on PC i have Assassin Creed 3 will have 4 on tuesday, i own BattleField 3 and will have 4 on tuesday.

    and for 360 the games i play online the most are Forza Horizon , Forza 4, COD Black ops 2 (i do Zombies Die Rise mostly) and i Have GTA 5 and Gears of war 1 2 3 and judgment

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    I have a PC and Xbox 360. My ps3 just broke two days ago.

    But I think COD and forza could be fun.

    And steam allows so many different games. Possibly even a minecraft/feed the beast/ tekkit world? I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes. In happy that there is support for this

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    If anyone is interested for a steam community. My ID on steam is Wingull. Big surprise eh? So just message and friend me on steam and we can talk

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    I'm currently playing Final Fantasy 14 ARR right now on Excalibur server as "Selphie Tilmitto" if anyone wants to play. Maybe we could start an AB/DL Linkshell. Happy gaming. ^^

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    I'd think that unless you had no friends didn't care what anyone thought or created an account specifically for ABDL purposes (hard for Steam and Xbox Live users) that this might be a little hard to go about.

    Maybe if you were just super skilled at organizing everyone so you didn't have to friend them / join a group together it could work well. Of course if nobody minds then you're totally clear to go for it regardless

    Just don't want people to take undue risks or unwittingly merge identities they may want to keep separate.

    Anyways, I'd be up for playing with you guys Just let me know the time and place!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Okamiyasha View Post
    Just don't want people to take undue risks or unwittingly merge identities they may want to keep separate.
    Yeah, that's the tricky thing. How to join a game club, when you'd need to make an entirely new Steam/Live account to keep things separate and safe ?

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    One thing we can do is just name the group something unrelated to diapers. But we would all know that it was about diapers.

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