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    So not sure where to post this but I just wanted to vent a little. So my mom and I just moved to a new place a little over a month ago. I am having issues with our Garbage pick up company. Since we moved in they have not picked up our garbage or at least not picked up any diaper related garbage. It baffles me to no end. So I always bag up my diapers in the usual trash bags that I use for every other garbage can in the house. For some very odd reason the trash men will not take the diapers at all. The first week we were here and there were probably 2-3 garbage bags of diapers mixed in with the other garage bags. Also we have city issued trash cans so it all goes in there. But anyway the first week the garbage men literally sorted through the bags that were diapers. They took all the normal garbage and left the diapers. I thought it was weird but I just left it alone. The next week they did the same thing. This time I got very upset and called the trash company and told them what happened and asked if there was a regulation against them taking the diapers. She said there was not any reason why they should not be taking that stuff and said it was wrong of them to do it. She said she would pass relay the situation to the area supervisor. And then the next day they made a special trip and picked up our trash. I thought that was the end of it. But now three weeks later they keep doing the same thing over and over except they have not sent them out the next day again. I have called the company about 6 times total and I get more upset each time. Yet they seem to not be fixing the problem. I am at my wits end. My garbage is getting very disgusting now and I am not sure where to go from here. Just need to vent and see if anyone had any advice.

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    Call the health department and do a formal complaint. The garbage service usually work on a contract basis with city/counties. Tell you think it is a health hazard. That should get there a$$ is gear. That should not be tolerated.

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    Since the city is the one that likely bills you and provides three contract for trash service.... call the utility department and demand to speak to the manager.

    Tell them that if it is not handled, you will deliver your trash to their desk .

    Our city has a problem taking any trash that is not bagged.... they sometimes refuse to take trash that is in shopping bags (they are bags).

    I can't see them digging through the bags and leaving just the diapers.... cause that is a major health risk

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    If your not getting satisfaction out of whomever is responceable I would take it up with your ward councilman. That should get something done.

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    All the bags of diapers are just diapers but they are in trash bags. they just take the ones that are not bags full of diapers. I talked to my mom today and she is going to first talk to the landlord and see what he can do and then we will address it further.

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    Also i recommend that you get a legal consultant AND contact the center for disease control. this is how cholera outbreaks occur. when you threaten to get the Biohazard people in Hazmet suits involved i think your city will get on the bandwagon and know their place. also are you being targeted? you might have a case against the city if this is being done to you based on your gender or sexual orientation or something like that i don't know. also if this happens again i would go out there and confront the garbage collector and try to video tape them(keep it hidden or out of sight) asking why are they refusing to pick the diapers up? keep in mind you do NOT need to explain that you are incontinent. remember YOUR taxes are paying their wages and this is not a privilege for THEM to pick up YOUR trash it is a paid for service at least. my father is a radiologist and my mom is a registered nurse that works in a dialysis center at the same hospital i KNOW how disease spread because they taught me how not to. in all honesty this can EVENTUALLY kill someone and you are right to stand up to them in a sane and professional way.

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    just be persistent with your phonecalls. try to get documentation. (video of them selectively picking and leaving, with faces clearly identifiable would be good) Maybe confront them when they arrive to pick up, ask why they're doing it.

    Some trash collections DO have a limit on the number of bags they will pick up at a time. Sometimes there are limits on certain things like yard waste. They may be leaving those because they think you have bags of grass clippings or some other material they've been told not to pick up.

    Keep having them send another truck out. Be persistent. Do it every week. Someone will get annoyed by this and take care of it on their end.

    If necessary, talk with a manager. Talk with the head of waste management. Make a personal visit to their office with hardcopy printouts of your trash being left. If you're not getting immediate results with the 'front line' phone drones, start working your way up the food chain.

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    The only way dirty diapers could spread cholera is if they got in water and you drink the water. Cholera is spread by contaminated drinking water or from eating shell fish that grew in contaminated water. I have no idea what the trash collectors are thinking and its certainly distasteful but it won't spread cholera.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robbw View Post
    The only way dirty diapers could spread cholera is if they got in water and you drink the water. Cholera is spread by contaminated drinking water or from eating shell fish that grew in contaminated water. I have no idea what the trash collectors are thinking and its certainly distasteful but it won't spread cholera.
    it can get into ground water that they may already be using that's how. not that i can't say i don't blame you it will take years for that to happen but it will happen eventually if it's not cleaned up.

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    I think it's strange that they would be rummaging through your garbage in the first place. Our garbage switched to the trucks with hydraulic loaders and special plastic garbage cans that latch to the lifter. The garbage men never look into the can. They just push the can onto the lifter, thank goodness.

    I would wait for the garbage truck and when they arrived, approach them and ask them why they weren't doing their job.

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