I was!

Just yesterday I underwent my first hypnosis session. This was just a session in general for positive mental health, not for specific wetting habits or regression.

It turns out I did regress. I can only tell you bits and pieces but they are some golden scraps. First, I was given the stereotypical seen-in-movies number of "when I count down from 20, you will fall deeper and deeper" then we did some guided meditation tactics. He basically described my mind as a mansion, and had me follow an "elevator" down to a cherished childhood memory.

Here's where the regression reared its head. I was actually able to remember my childhood and I realized it wasn't this nightmare void that the abuse made it out to be. I had blocked about 90% of my childhood out of my inventory for fear that it would drag me down.

After disclosing the memory, I couldn't believe my mouth as it just rambled off so much classified information. My infantilism, my persona (Tak), and it sounded like it wasn't coming from me, but from a sort of guardian, of sorts, that has been keeping guard over me my entire life (he refered to this mystery figure as "My Subconscious") . My hypnotist was no longer asking questions to me in the 1st person, but rather in the 3rd (ie "If theres something you could tell Tak, what would that be?")

I remember immediately waking up and feeling like the grinding pressure was released from my neck and I felt very light on my feet. Very airy, as if I had just been "healed". It was a very healing feeling.

I know the hypnosis worked because whenever I looked up at the moon, a little voice told me, "The world will love you if you let it."

Yesterday I couldn't tell you what took place but now as I concentrate I can think back to it.

Hypnosis is a heavenly, healing experience when done with the right person. It acquainted me with my mind and my inner child. I once thought my mind was an engine of rage and overall vitriol but it turns out it was just my inner child tapping me on the shoulder, my "subconscious" waiting to be heard.

Good things happen to pioneers. Be it pioneers of the mind, pioneers of the future, or pioneers of the unknown. Yesterday, I was a pioneer of all three.

Overall experience: 11/10. Highly recommended.