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Thread: Do I size up or down?

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    Default Do I size up or down?

    Ho, I'm going to be buying some molicare super plus's soon, and I have a 30inch waist
    should i get the small (which goes up to 31 inch) or medium (which starts at 27 and goes all the way up to 57)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by quix View Post
    Ho, I'm going to be buying some molicare super plus's soon, and I have a 30inch waist
    should i get the small (which goes up to 31 inch) or medium (which starts at 27 and goes all the way up to 57)?
    I've got a 29" waist. I get the mediums. I've got the smalls before, and they were pretty tight. The mediums fit much better, and provide *umm* "room" down there. The smalls were just uncomfortable.

    It seemed like the smalls were also barley hanging on. The tabs were attached to the far wings of the diaper.

    Since the mediums are not only wider, but also bigger and thicker; I think you'll be happy with them. They can hold more liquid than the smalls can. Plus since the smalls will be on tight, you'll be more likely to squeeze wetness out of them, and have them leak on you.

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    You're better off sizing up. Then you're not stuck with a 20pck of diapers you cant use.

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    Definitely the mediums. The molicare (and most every other diaper except dry247) tend to be a bit tight at the upper end of the ranges.

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    YAY! Another Aussie! =^.^=


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    Now I am not sure. I wear smalls, as I a pretty skinny, short and have a waist of 29". So I think medium would eat me, as M4s tend to eat me.

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    Hello all! Not that you probably care, but just wanted to share my opinion on sizing... Always measure hip size, rather than waste size. People can have larger than average hips/derrières yet still a skinny waist. If you still fall close to the next size, then best to go for the best size up.

    I am very much a medium in most diapers, but I have tried size L in the past. The jump was so massive, and the tapes would cross at the middle if I was to tape it snug. Although the theoretical absorption was higher in the L size, due to looser, less 'tailored' fit they would always leak before the same product in M.

    Sometimes webstores allow you to order single units. Always good to order a couple in both closest sizes, just to allow you to check it out without buying a pack or case in less than ideal size.

    Good luck all

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    i Have exactly the same waist measurements as you do and i frequently use the molicare super pluses. I would definitely say to go with the mediums as i find that the fit me perfectly ... You may find that the top tapes will come pretty close to each other but the bottom tapes seem to sit in the right stop (i.e. not that close together). I did try the smalls with molicare's air premium range (supposedly very similar) and i remember them being extremely tight as well as often having tapes fail on me or the sides rip open.

    Basically, i would recommend a medium based on that as the fit would be much better. You have to remember that although the size ranges say a small can fit you (up to a 31" waist) that doesn't really leave you a lot of room to play around with (you will either have to know exactly where to put the tapes or you will be frequently undoing and redoing tapes to get it to fit right as you will be trying to get it centred).

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    I prefer to wear one size larger than I might. Can you get samples to test? Many vendors sell sample packs of two diapers. Check out that option if it's available.

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