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Thread: Has Anyone Ever Received Diapers As A Christmas Gift?

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    Default Has Anyone Ever Received Diapers As A Christmas Gift?

    After reading another thread on this forum, a question came to mind. Has anyone ever received diapers as a Christmas gift?

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    While not diapers...Mom is getting me a pre-paid credit card so I can order "supplies " her words not mine....and She does know .

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    No, I have not received such an item for Christmas. In my opinion that would be a little strange and nerve wreaking.

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    Butterfly Mage



    I'm not sure that diapers are really "gift" items. It's kind of like giving a box of glucose test strips as a gift for a diabetic. Useful? Sure. But not exactly "gift" material.

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    I'm not totally sure that i have, but i think this year i might of. I think my mom helped me pay for my diapers on the last case i got, so i guess that's kinda a Christmas gift

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    no-one knows about me so it'd be hard for anyone to have a reason to give me diapers so that'd be a no.

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    Technically the last pack of diapers I got, a couple weeks ago, were from my grandmother and she called it an early christmas present (but I got other things too, so she could've meant that instead).

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    I have not, however that being said, if my wife got me diapers for Christmas, I'd see it as a gift.

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    Nope, I've never gotten or asked for diapers for Christmas. I think it'd probably be really awkward to open up a present and scream "YAY diapers! How'd you know?"

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