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Thread: Passed for a girl... wasn't trying...

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    Default Passed for a girl... wasn't trying...

    Interesting (pleasant) surprise I had last night at a football game. I went to the concessions and the person there called me ma'am and "she" even after I had told them what I wanted.

    I was wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket! Certainly a pleasant surprise. Does anyone else have any experiences like this?

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    I thought you were female based on your avatar... although that could be technically 'trying' since it's your LG/Sissy avatar hehe.

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    Yes, I get called "miss" in the supermarkets... it's fun! -Marka

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    Only time I ever had that happen is on the phone.
    When those who do not know me, they have called me mam before.

    Not exactly what I am going for, do not care either way unless its in public.

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    I've been told I have the personality of a fifth grade boy lol

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    I get it over the phone or the drive thru. I don't mind. It happens all the time.

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    All the time. Alllll the time. I walked into a store and turned around to close the door and the owner walked up and said "can I help you find anything ma'am?" I love it. Its great. Even when my hair isn't pink I get confused sometimes. I actually wish my voice wasn't so baritone. And I had a more feminine figure. Anyway I get confused contently

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    It happens to me all the time on the phone or going thru a drive thru thing is though, I am not trying to be a girl or girly, what makes it worse now, is my hair has gotten quite long and from behind I look like a girl. I can't tell you how many times I had a guy whistle at me now and then when I turn around, they look as if it wasn't them and are embarrassed. My wife thinks it is funny as all get out.

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