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    I plan on buying myself more diapers I'm looking for something different I want something other than Goodnites or pull ups but something that fits like them I would really want a baby style diaper(not a pull on) like luvs or something but I don't want to buy it and find out later that it doesn't fit so I might just stick with Goodnites but anyway I just used up my last diaper I messed it but I still need to dispose of it because my dad and brother are always home but anyway I have 2 pacifiers NUK stage 3 it actually works for me and I have a playtex sippy cup with disneys cars design but I REALLY want to get a baby bottle and baby formula and possibly a bib any the way I'm 19 140lbs I'm 5" 8' and I have a 32 size waist

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    If you can time the delivery right, you really can't get more babyish than Bambino or Abuiverse.

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    at 32" you should fit fine into mediums, tho some brands will be a bit on the big side. Get a sampler from ABU maybe if you want to test them out a bit. But most of those aren't too babyish. I'd agree with Aggie, if you want to head straight for babyish, Bambino Diapers, The Best Source for ABDL Diapers and Products! is your best starting point. I'm surprised they don't have a v ariety sampler. They sell variety cases, a cheaper variety sampler would be nice. You can just get four samplers though I suppose. (bianco, classico, teddy, and bellisimo)

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    I second that. Bambinos are great, they are very diaper like, and crinkle.

    If you need to play it safe with wood quality quite diaper Abena M4 cloth backed are great. Hold a lot and quiet

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    I hVe been using M4 to work and that made my life a lot easier.

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