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Thread: How much of your day do you spend diapered or doing anything abdl?

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    Default How much of your day do you spend diapered or doing anything abdl?

    Since I've been married I've been very into my abdl. Lately I get home from work and do my things take a shower and get diapered. I also sleep with a Nuk5 because of my teeth grinding. Overall it's nice and my wife babies me most nights since we'll I'm already diapered and little.

    I would say I spend from 8pm to 6am diapered. I'd go to work diapered if it wasn't so damn inconvenient.

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    I spend my time being diapered 24/7 except for when I am showering or airing out.

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    When I have my diapers, I stayed diapered. As of right now I just have my bottle, but I use it all the time too. Now when I get a job going again, I am sure I will have to cut back on my bottle, but I plan on staying diapered no matter what.

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    I'm diapered 24/7 but my AB doesn't start until bedtime when I put on my printed Dependeco AIO and footed sleeper. Then I get my paci and crawl into bed with "snugs"
    my puppy plushie. Then I stay that way till morning when I get up wet and take off my wet one.

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    How much of my day? Not much, but I hope I'll be someone's baby soon...

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    to be honest i barely even know i WAS an AB due to my circumstances i know i am a DL(for therapeutic purposes) but i never had much of a chance to indulge my AB side to the point i can honestly say never at all in my life though i would like to change that.

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    "By night one way
    By day another.
    This shall be the norm
    Until you find .... Blah blah blah ... This could be my curse lol

    Well it's kinda true for me. At night I can be what I feel like inside I can forget about what I actually am and become the little guy that lurks within (I would probably play more extensively given the opportunity)

    So for me it's most nights I guess, though for my partners sake I do have a few nights a week not diapered. (My head still drifts back to little things though.... and somehow teddy just manages to sneak into bed.... cheeky bear)

    As for how much time each day.... Well I'd say its always there, it just moves from the background to the foreground and back again constantly. And I respond according to the situation. I've got it pretty well sorted, I mean, I cover my little self really well and most people would not recognise it except for my partner cause she knows.... She just smiles when she recognises where my head is at.

    And then there's ADISC..... this is like a lifesaver... I sometimes forget what an awesome privilege it is to be able to express my true self in the world (albeit incognito)
    Thanks Moo and everyone who keeps it alive.

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    Almost every night. Usually get home from work or class, shower, then diaper up for the evening through the morning.

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    It maybe only averages out to once a week for me, sometimes more like once every two weeks. Not sure if I'm really well rounded... or just cheap.

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    It used to be for me a once every other week, now it has gotten to be once every couple weeks. I think the last time I used any of my things was in September, although it doesn't help that the diapers are a size too small and I have to use colored duct tape to keep them on, and the duct tape sticks to my legs and really hurts, so the whole "comfortable" diaper thing, is not happening. So I guess that turns me off to them and I just haven't been in the mood to use any other things lately. I wish I would have gotten the diapers in a size larger.

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