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Thread: Weird Diaper Song/Dance from Denmark

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    Default Weird Diaper Song/Dance from Denmark

    Ran across this weird dance/song performance from I think Denmark. It has three ladies that all are wearing diapers (I think maybe Tenas due to the name of the song) and they flash the audience with them a few times.

    Maxi Tena Bind - Århus Medicinerrevy - YouTube

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    Okay, that was reeallly weird for me...but the expression of the guy in the wheel chair at the end? Priceless.

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    My god! They dance worse than I do. I didn't know that was humanly possible!

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    From my understanding they're a type of Danish theatre company/ satire groupe. They do Tv skits and that sort of thing. And it says in the comments that it's a student run thing.

    My sound is bad on the video but from what I can gather from the description and the video those girls are nurses and for some reason or another they're trying to coax the man into something. Possibly to kill him?
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    Thank hevans for jack Daniels haha I felt like I was in Germany again

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    Certified dane here.

    They're singing about how they're old and their bodies aren't how they used to be. They miss male contact, and the black haired woman complains that she has to share Orla (The guy in the wheelchair) with the other women at the nursing home.

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