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    Has anyone here ever imagined their favorite fictional character in an AB/DL role, whether as baby or caretaker? Or, perhaps, two fictional characters taking on either role? Or even perhaps found fanfiction featuring a character in one of those roles?

    I have found fics like this for a couple of shows that I watch and enjoy and it's often a pleasant surprise.

    If you have imagined/read of a character in one of these roles, which is the character and what is the work of fiction they are from?

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    I've seen a lot of Harry Potter AB/DL fanfiction. It doesn't seem to stick around very long before being deleted. I've also seen ABDL for Glee, Naruto and Danny Phantom. There really isn't a lot out there.

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    YES. I agree entirely. I've actually found a few, for various series. On Archive of Our Own ( there are actually a few tags for it, including "adult baby," "diapers," and "infantilism." The fics are few and far between, but there are definitely some amazing ones.

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    There is a community on LiveJournal for slash AB fic, and a lot of it is Harry Potter, although I can't quite recall which one it is.

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    I think I prefer a lobotomy more then fanfics least of all the AB/DL ones.


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