View Poll Results: wich baby diaper would you bring to adult sizes and why

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  • Pampers

    43 66.15%
  • Huggies

    27 41.54%
  • Parents Choice

    3 4.62%
  • Luvs

    20 30.77%
  • Other

    11 16.92%
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Thread: Which diaper would you bring to adult sizes and why?

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    Default Which diaper would you bring to adult sizes and why?

    wich baby diaper you would bring to adult sizes and why?

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    Default wich diaper would you bring to adult sizes and why?

    All of them! But if I had to chose one it'd be pampers cruisers.

    But that's never gonna happen.

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    I remember the 70's pampers...that's what I used...that would be cool...

    But, they have much better nowadays...


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    I chose huggies, not for the baby diapers but for the Pull-Ups. Like some others on here I don't regress to a baby more like a toddler/young child, I could go on at this forever but I have posted this many time in other threads and the general consensus is that if and adult pull up was made it would sell. Unfortunately I can't see it happening

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    None. I like my Bellissimos.

    Plus, any company that brought a baby diaper into adult sizes would probably botch it pretty badly.

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    I'm all in for adult Pull-Ups with cool looking designs. I'm with ajsco: I'm more of a toddler then a "Baby"

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    2007 Huggies super dry with winnie the pooh and tigger prints on them. Cutest baby nappy ever

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    I'd love for Pampers, but Luvs is also a good choice.

    I hate Huggies with a passion. I hate the colors, I hate how poorly absorbent I've found them to be (I have tested them by using a measuring cup. The things you do when bored) and I hate how they don't swell up when wet. Instead, they seem to droop really badly, rather than just swell, and that's a major turn off.

    Pampers swell up to ridiculous sizes when wet, and I've noticed that they hold an absurd amount.

    If only there were some way that some big brand ABDL diaper companies could some how obtain the rights to make adult sized versions of the baby diaper company's diapers. Maybe old models and designs, instead of newer ones, so they don't have to show any relation to one another.

    A man can dream...

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    I voted for both Huggies and Luvs. Huggies for the Pull-Ups, and Luvs because that's what I wore as a baby.

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