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    Hello everyone its a pleasure to be on thus site. I'm new to this site so please Barr with me. Ok so I'm a AB/Dl and I've been this way for almost my while life. It was hard in the beginning to understand myself, thinking and feeling different. Until I grow older to figure myself out with the help of the internet. Still seeking advice in many aspects of this nature I feel is apart of me.

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    Yaaaaay, another person who has been AB/DL most of their life and has no definite answer as to way. We are legion.

    Well, here at ADISC you will definitely find some (not all) of the answers you are looking for, so take your time, read the rules, browse the forum and be in for a magical ride and prepare to have your mind blown.

    So, what questions did you have in mind? If I cannot answer them, someone else surely will be able to.

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    Well hello!
    It is always great to see more people join the site.
    This site is pretty vast and full of information.
    Acceptance is usually a pretty big issue for most people and I believe there is a article on this site about it here:

    Anything you like to do outside of the whole ab / dl thing?
    Like favorite movies, books, games outdoor activities, etc. ?

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