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Thread: Incontinence and prematurity

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    Question Incontinence and prematurity

    Let me preface this by saying this is only a curiosity question and is not meant to offend in any way. If it does, I apologize in advance.

    My mommy and I were talking last weekend about how I seem to either have a weak bladder or an overactive bladder, and I suddenly wondered how many people were incontinent as a result of being premature?

    I was born around two months early and weighed in at a tiny 2 pounds 6 ounces and spent the two months after my birth in an incubator. The only lasting condition that I seem to have is poor eyesight due to my left optic nerve not having finished developing, i’m beginning to think that my possible issues with my bladder being weak or overactive are related to me being premature. If I had a doctor, I’d ask them, but who knows at this point…

    Anyway, I’m just curious…

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    being a preemie can cause a very wide variety of medical problems. There are a few that are more common, but incontinence isn't one of them. Mayo clinic has good information on this: Premature birth: Complications -

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    It could be the case, I was only 2 (english/uk) pounds in weight when I was born and born at home in the 60`s, about 3 months prem apart from bladder issues I have no major problems apart from being able to kinda fit in with other humans.

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    I think there may be a connection in terms of development, but I don't think that there is a direct correlation with premature births and incontinence. I know that the different effects of being born premature could definitely have correlations with incontinence, so maybe as a secondary symptom? Interesting idea, it would be worth doing some research on!

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    I also noticed a correlation between being premature and being transgendered, many of my friends who are transgendered were also premature. I am not sure if there is any scientific proof of the links, but there's a way too many similarities for it to be an odd coincidence

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    being premature may cause delays in your body maturing and that your bladder maybe under sized for your age
    I was also a premie

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    I was born premature, and although it did not cause me to be incontinent it did lead to bladder issues that had to be fixed in surgery.

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    I wondered the same, since im also premie, im blind in one eye cuz of it and was in the hospital for the first yr. Did have issues with not wanting to use public toilets as a kid and bedwettings. Maybe these could be related developementally but I know it leed to being put back into diapers. I still have thr mentality of hating having to hold it. And I have occasional bedwetting again now so who knows if its all related.

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    I was born 3 months preemie, and had / have several of the issues from the mayo clinic link bambinod posted. My incontinence did not appear until after a concussion though. I would suspect being premature would contribute to bladder/valve issues, since it effects almost every other system in the body, but haven't been able to find anything conclusive myself.

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