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    Necro thread here >

    I wear Goodnites often enough that I get a bag or 2 a month, but had recently been wishing they came just a little bit bigger on the sides to accommodate my waistline during its expansion phase.

    From time to time I get a random 'emergency supply' of cheap store-brand pullup 'underwear' I've taken to calling Frilly Maxi-pad Pullups in whatever Small/Medium sizing they purport to be, which always turn out to be much too loose on the waistband than my liking.

    I found a bag of the All Nites at a local thrift store for an attractive price so I decided to try them.

    My initial out-of-the-bag experience was the thin padding,which is a given with this type of product, and elastic sides with reinforcement reminiscent of Curity Sleep Pants (which were so rigid they burst before arriving at the hips - unfortunate, I want as tight a sensation as I can get ) though when I conducted a stretch test by putting my hands through and pulling my arms apart the pants showed enough give to pull them on comfortably without fear of an accidental thumb-puncture as would happen with Goodnites.

    Fit I give a 4.5 of 5; though they went on easily,the tearaway sides began to pop at a couple of slots from a sudden change from standing to sitting.

    Appearance is plain white with faint blue striping on the waistband to indicate the rear - a rather institutional looking product but evokes feelings of security in this reviewer.

    Capacity - estimated 12-16oz. Nothing special, though they will take a considerably harder, stronger flow than the Goodnites/Underjams variety. Realistically any attempts to flood these types of products are pure foolishness, but with the nice fit contributing to the hold these aren't as likely to leak down the leg after a 2nd wetting.

    My take after finding, trying, describing and using? Must...Get...More

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    Are these available in store somewhere?

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