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Thread: Looking for someone to make a fursuit...and a rant or sorts.

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    Default Looking for someone to make a fursuit...and a rant or sorts.

    Ok...Time for me to get serious about this:

    Looking for someone to make me a partial fur suit. My budget is 400(300) max bucks for the partial including shipping.

    The problem....My sona's a diapered Charizard, goes as Charr the diapered 'Zard. NOTE:I do not roleplay(some people dont have a set sona like mine is)...My sona's as close to me as my mother is

    From what I seen,most suit makers wont even dare try to make something like my sona because of "cant help you because of legal issues". That makes me a bit upset for a few reasons.

    #1 In my case,No...Nintendo would have to be a dumb ass sueing furrys and plus I see people making Pokemon suits all the time....Just google it and see what I mean.

    #2 Some are a bit bias towards certain groups
    Example: Draky Fullsuit by SparkyCanDo -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    Like I said,some wont do sonas based on fransised but here a good example.
    Me thinks that this fur suit maker prefers Digimon but not Pokemon. See what im saying here?

    Meh.......Anyways,ill be paying for the suit on the week of Nov 11thish and when I do at the same time will give ya the measurments and everything else ya need. I have the t-shirt and cloth diaper(AIO diaper with Blaziken prints) to go with it allready. Who's ready to make something that probably wont happen again.

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    My betting is that yes, people make stuff based on licensed characters all the time: fursuits, fan fiction, all over the place. The issue with professional fursuit makers is just that: that they do it for a living and can't afford legal hassles. You could get something that looks close to a Charizard without calling yourself one. I am sure a maker would do you one that is sufficiently charizard-like, maybe change the coloring or something

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    Honestly there's nearly nothing you can get for that amount of money. Especially if you want a copyrighted thing made, which most builders run from. Sorry.

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    Hey everyone.

    Anyways, I have to pull the middle finger on fur suit makers because from what I read. Everyone else also tends to have problems with them as well.

    So anyways,I went back to my contacts from many years ago and one of those contacts was still active. I contacted the people from this contact and they were pretty much like" we been waiting for a long time but we are ready to get this started as much as you are. Its been years but im glad to hear back from you again!"

    I told this contact back then(about 5 years ago when I first contacted them)I told them that I didnt have the money right away but some day when I do get the cash then ill be commission them for a custom fur suit. I got back to them and in 7 days,They got the fur suit made(this suit was done by a company in japan).

    The reason why im not saying who they are is because they requested that I not say anything about the company but I am allowed to talk about the suit.

    The suit is a bit cheesey as first but ill be doing alot of the mods on it so it will look more like my sona: Charr the diapered Zard
    Not bad for 400 bucks I do have to say!

    Charr the diapered Zard basic starter fur suit
    This suit was made in 7 days by 4 people
    Company: requested to not be listed.

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