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    What to buy a new paci. Not sure if I should go with a Nuk 5 or the larger ones... Also, if it is a Nuk 5 should I get white or a Mam guard? I would love a paci that fits but not sure the White Nuk 5 is really that much bigger than a Mam.

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    I guess I should have read the other post as they were very helpful. (Sorry I am new to this site, and feel lost.) I decided the only way to find out for sure if the Nuk 5 guard would be big enough to fit like a pacifier should...nose and chin would be to try it. I order and have received two Nuk 5 one in the original white and one with a Mam guard. Though the white Nuk 5 guards are longer and wider, most of the guard does not sit/touch my face perhaps due to the curved nature of the guard. The Nuk 3 that you can buy at most stores fits better, which is I guess one of the reasons why many people order it with the Nuk 5? With the Nuk 5 in the Mam guard it fits just about perfect with a Nuk 5 in it versos the same guard with the regular Mam 6+ months. It is nice that the Nuk 5 is an adult size that fits the mouth better. Glad I got them both, well worth it, and look forward to the future ones to try.

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    That's good you were able to find out what works best! Mainly just wanted to post to say no worries about being new or lost, I think it happens to everyone someplace or another. Just as long as you don't break the rules, should be fine (and breaking the rules here pretty much require trying to break the rules, don't think it's possible to do on accident (thankfully xD)).

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    Quote Originally Posted by dion413 View Post
    My new silicone pacifiers

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I have the strangest sense of deja vu.

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