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    So there has probably have been other posts about this before but I used to bed a bed wetter and I want to know how to train myself to start wetting at night again

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    There are some posts about this here on adisc, but some of the more common tips I have seen are:

    *Drink a lot of water before going to bed
    *At first imagine a toilet and pretend you are peeing while in bed (put your hand in front of your pee pee if you are a boy). Start sitting down and each time try to get closer to a lying down position (donīt force it too much, let it flow naturally, you could hurt yourself).
    *Apparently many "accidents" happen right after you wake, or you are just about to, so donīt hold it in and try to let go

    Sorry, these are all the ones I can remember... Iīm not a bed wetter, yet...

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    Thanks for then input jkolol and I can wet laying down but I will give it a try

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    idk how old you are or what ever

    but bed wetting or wanting to become a bed wetter is nothing to play around with

    bed wetting can ruin your life or at least complicat it - ask any ic users

    Please thing heavily before going through with this do not ever jump to conculsions

    Bed Wetting is a terrible idea i once was in your shoes and relized how bad it would be if i wanted to become a bedwetter just do not do it its not worth it TRUST ME

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    I was a bed wetter till I was 14 and I am 19 now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babyein28 View Post
    I was a bed wetter till I was 14 and I am 19 now
    You do realize that re-training yourself to not wet the bed will be even harder right? As long as you understand this. Honestly, you are young and maybe you think this is what you want.. but at your age i wanted to go back to bedwetting too... I wanted to hypnotize myself, i wanted to need diapers at night, but after having real accidents and leaking constantly at night and having to wash the bedsheets more than once etc. Not to mention my social life... I can't imagine after all the situations ive been in since that point how glad i am that I didnt need diapers at night. But im not here to convince you to not do anything, only to have you consider the consequences of this temporary desire. I use to wet the bed all the time too, i wet until i was about 12 or 13, just to show that we arent so different.

    But anyway, if you truly wish to go through with this, its not from one day to the next, you have to untrain your body and it will take months. Pretty much just learn to let go when lying in bed, and eventually your body will feel like its ok to let go while you sleep. Drinking a lot of water before bed also helps... I would definitely recommend putting pads under you or wearing plastic pants, or putting a plastic cover over your mattress and under your sheets because the issue with bed wetting as a non-IC adult is that as someone previously mentioned, most wettings happen as you are waking up or right before waking up, meaning all through the night your body has held in its fluids, and if you start to see the pattern you will notice that morning wettings are HEAVY. So you could very well leak through the sides or the back of the diaper (it has happened to me many times -_- and its not fun). So be sure to have some kind of 2nd line of defense in case that happens.

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