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Thread: Footed sleepers at Walmart

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    Default Footed sleepers at Walmart

    I was at a Walmart tonight and saw in the woman's section adult sized one piece footed sleepers. In childish styles. One was a cookie monster one the other was a cat in the hat thing one and thing two theam, I got the cat in the hat one.

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    I seen them at walmart too but I ordered mine at and I'm glad I did cause their made with better material. I told my wife they were for our pj party and she ordered them also.

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    They sell many footed sleepers at target in the women's pj section. They're about 30$ if i remember correctly. They're fleece though.

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    Another place that sells adorable sleepers this time of year is Spencers

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    Not much of a selection here (only 2 variants at the moment) but I suspect some new themes will be rolling out eventually to rival last year's selection.
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    Any Pink ones? I know I am a guy but I think with the proper stitching through a sewing machine would prevent tears

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