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Thread: Trying to get into the AB world

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    Default Trying to get into the AB world

    So I am a DL and have been for the past 8 years or so. I have experimented with the AB world a little bit but nothing really has appealed to me. Recently though I exposed my GF to me liking and waring diapers. She instantly wanted to try this out with me. We have been at it for about two months trying different things. The thing is now though is she is more of AB. She likes me taking care of her and changing her. We want to explore more the the AB world but I'm not sure what to try or buy starting out. If anyone has suggestions on what to try from the start it would be very helpful Thanks.

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    Well, the basics for starters:

    Diapers and baby powder are obvious and you probably already have that.

    - baby bottles
    - pacifiers
    - wipes
    - a diaper bag maybe
    - blankies
    - plushies
    - toys
    - coloring books
    - watch cartoons
    - clothing wise: onesies, footed PJs, baby/diaper shirts, diaper covers, cute booties, cute baby outfits like overalls or shortalls (try ebay,,,, etc.)

    Honestly, when I was your age, i wasn't too into the AB world either, in fact having anything more than a few accessories seemed weird to me. Fast forward to now and I'm building a crib using an old bed-frame and i already have a small nursery in my apartment and TONS of outfits. So you could just let it happen naturally, but if you dont like it, dont feel too bad, some people don't like the idea of regressing and letting go of all control.

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    The post above gives you the building blocks. However, it seems to me that without the urge, they will just be pointless accessories. This isn't the sort of thing where you send away for the kit and information packet and in six short weeks you get your certification. When you want this, others may be able to give you advice on the best stores or make suggestions, but you'll know if you're an AB and you'll have your own list of urges to fulfill.

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    I like to consider that AB is not only a material thingy. Sure, having a bottle, a teddy bear and a pooh bear blanket help but for me, it's stuff like :
    - watching tv with my head on someone's else lap and she's stroking my hair.
    - being fed a bottle.
    - being tucked in bed : someone to give me my plushies and/or putting my paci in my mouth.
    Basically, something that makes me FEEL little.
    You have to discover what she likes, what she don't.
    Activities can be things like being fed (spoonfed), being put to bed for a nap, being bathed, using baby cleansing milk during diaper change (it has a strong scent that makes you smell like a baby).
    Some people like to be punished, not talking about BDSM or strong thing. but being punished can reinforce the "being little" feeling. For example, if she's naughty, put her in time-out or spank her.

    I just wanted to show some stuff that are not too expensive. Outfits are great (I love my dungaree) but it's often quite expensive and you can't really afford a new wardrobe right away. Talking about stuff, you can sometimes find some nice childish pyjamas (found some at Target and Walmart when I was in the US), those are cheaper than AB-themed/hand-made outfits. If you're lucky, you can search thrift stores, sometimes, they have great stuff.

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    I see it as a willingness or desire to get into role play and assume the the baby or caretaker identity comfortably more than just having the right "toys" to play with. I can not as I rigidly live in the here & now and never could play pretend so I'm rooted in the DL world even though I have footies and a bottle as well as diapers.

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    Hello there!!

    So there are already some very nice responses on the "What to buy" part of your question. I can't think of anything I would add!!

    But I wanted to see if I could help you out with this part of your question" I have experimented with the AB world a little bit but nothing really has appealed to me..." "If anyone has suggestions on what to try from the start it would be very helpful

    First I want to be sure I understand, when you say you've been trying to get into the "AB world" do you mean you are trying to experiment and learn how to regress?

    Do you feel like you have trouble feeling little? Or really feeling like a kid? I wasn't completely sure what you meant, but I actually have a couple of things that work for me that I will tell you about

    Something that really helps me when i'm trying to regress, I used to try to think about things I loved as a kid! Or as a baby, (as far back as I could remember anyway lol!!)
    Maybe favorite movies from that time, If you had favorite storybooks that's actually a really good one too.
    If you had any favorite games to play, or favorite songs to listen to/songs someone would sing to you, If you had a favorite type of stuffed animal; get one like it!

    I think the actual items have importance, but they won't help you regress unless they give you emotions that make you feel little.
    The thing that did it for me was pacifiers. I never wanted to give them up, I thought they were fun and collectible. This is terrible but I still had pacifiers in my mouth when I was 5 x_x My mom had to throw them all out to get me to stop lol. But when I bought a pacifier again (when I realized I was an AB), there it was, regression. For me it was almost instant, but that's because there was so much emotion attached to it.

    When we get older, our parents/guardians in our life tell us "You're too old for this" or "You have to stop doing that, that's for babies/little kids" Sometimes these urges and emotions we attached to those things are still inside us, we've just learned to ignore them because we wanted to fit in and "grow up". For me, a big part of ABDL is rediscovering these desires and enjoying them freely ^_^

    I hope that helps you out a bit, i'd love to know how your experience goes!!

    Good luck!!! =D

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