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Thread: Going to try a new diaper.

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    Default Going to try a new diaper.

    So the next time I can actually get a shipment of diapers, I think I am going to try TotalDry Plus Brief, from Bambino. #1 you get like 96 of them for the same price I paid for 48 of the teddy bear ones. #2 they claim you can wet in them while laying on your side, which is a good thing for me seeing how I always lay on my side when sleeping. Any thoughts or suggestions on this product?

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    I bought that same deal from Bambino. They are good diapers and arent too thick, they absorb just fine, I havent tested the side-sleeping method as I'm a little too paranoid to try it. But I love those diapers, i only wish they had a waistband

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    I got a case to try not too long ago, aaaand it's gone! I was looking for a plastic backed diaper to replace the discontinued plastic L3's for daytime / at work wear. I think for the price (under a buck each, by the case) I don't think they can be beat. I don't know how much I'd trust them for side-wetting however. For that I think I'd go with an ATN, they're very similar but the ATN has the widest front wing of any thin diaper I've tried. But the ATN are closer to $1.30/ea.

    The only issues I noticed were one that they clump up a little faster than average while dry, and two the retape panel on the front can start to separate from the shell. (an odd problem I haven't seen in any other diaper) The tape panel has a bit of a medical look to it, but has excellent position markers for a perfect fit every time, great for when you're in a hurry. Pull down your tshirt and lose sight of the panel and it has a great (almost) all white plastic look to it too. Fairly quiet.

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    Well then, I can't wait to try them thank you

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