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    So I just read an amazing article on here about being diapered 24/7. I too have went 24/7 but it only lasted 2 months, due to the fact I lost my job and ran out of funds to keep my diapers stocked. However I only wet my diapers due to the fear that using them for their full intended purpose would be too much work to cover up until I could change, not to mention I am not too fond of the cleanup process afterwards. Being diapered 24/7 is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it if it is possible for you to do. I have found though, that the more time that I spent diapered, the more and more my little side would come out without me even meaning to do so. I plan on going 24/7 again as soon as I get everything caught up and my family and their needs are taken care of first.

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    It does feel wonderful to be in them 24/7. I have never felt happier.

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    I've been diapered 24/7 for like a week now I think? It feels fantastic.

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    I would love to go diapered 24/7, just for a week to start off with. But I cant mess myself at work.. everyone will notice. How do you guys get past that?

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    I don't mess at work, although I do use nullo to help with the smell of a messy diaper. If I really have to go #2 while away from home, I'll use the toilet even though I hate doing it.I don't want to risk my job or make others uncomfortable, that would make me uncomfortable! Funny thing is that my bowel timing adjusts to the extent that I really don't notice myself holding it in when at work, but as soon as I walk into the house I'll sometimes immediately unload into my diaper almost without control.

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    When I was working I never used my diaper, I would wear it, but since I have such a small frame, I can pull them down like underpants. This way there was no chance at getting caught at work.

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    Been 24/7 for 2 years. Tho off and on before that.
    Its not cheap thats for sure. I do not mess intentionally. Tho occasionally do wet.

    I do agree it is great feeling to feel small. :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by StargazerBleu View Post
    Been 24/7 for 2 years. Tho off and on before that.
    Its not cheap thats for sure. I do not mess intentionally. Tho occasionally do wet.

    I do agree it is great feeling to feel small. :3
    Very true lol, it is not cheap at all, but if you can afford it and it not interfere with your adult life and responsibilities, then I still highly recommend it

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    When you wear 24/7 for need it's a different story. I'll be changing here shortly but I'm looking forward to the air out time before I put on my next one.
    Then I'll be diapered until I get up in the morning. Like others have said it's costly. To help with my costs I use Dependeco AIO's for overnight use.

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    I have been wearing 24/7 for about a week now ... I find it to be awesome. I don't know why I did not start sooner.

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