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Thread: Drys vs. Abenas

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    Alright, so my diaper supply is about to run out (I think I've got like two left) and it's time for me to restock. Lately I've been using the abena x-plus diapers, and while the first pack I had were great, my last experience with them was not so great. I ordered a case of them (three packs) and just about all the diapers from that shipment had issues with the tapes popping off which was weird because the abenas usually have a reputation for having really strong tapes and the first time I tried them out they definitely lived up to that reputation.

    Now, while it's been a long time since I've been to these forums (got consumed by school work this semester) I remember that the Dry 24/7s seemed to be a popular brand on here. I don't know much about them though. How thick are they? How's the absorbency? How are the tapes? And for those users who have tried out the X-pluses and 24/7s, which would you say is better overall? Oh yeah, and what would be a good site to get the drys from if I decided to go with them?

    Basically I'm just wondering if I should opt to go with the Drys this time around, or stick with the X-pluses (or if anybody has any other suggestions on brands feel free to make them).

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    see my post at
    page 2 has some photos of them, one of which is thickness compared to a depends max and a depends pullup

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    Ohnestly........ I think that Abena's are a better overal diaper.


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    I made a thread a while back about my feelings on the dry's, which are quite positive. Here's the thread:

    Hopefully that should help out a bit, there's a lot of good info.

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