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Thread: For the older Guys and Gals

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    Default For the older Guys and Gals

    For the older Guys and Gals

    I have been following the ABDL community for longer than I care to mention, long before the Internet and World Wide Web came into being. The young Guys have it easy, (by comparison) they just log onto the internet, do a google search and they find a wealth of information and resources they can access. (Like this site!) The most important thing they find is that they are not alone in their feelings and desires, this was not the case for those of us born in the 50s and 60s.

    When I was growing up in a small backwater southern town there was nothing to let you know that there were others like you out there. This was not something you could look up in the school library, or read about in the paper. It is a very lonely feeling to think you are strange and not know if there are others like you out there. And believe me I felt very alone...

    It wasn't until I was in the military and stationed in Long Beach, California that I finally found out that there were others like me out there. It was 1977/78 and being a young curious sailor I decided to go to one of the "adult book stores" to purchase some "reading" material...:-). I had never been in an establishment like this before and I was curious , and a bit afraid. These were not the most welcoming of places, they were dark with all kinds of magazines and sex toys that lined the walls and had movie booths in the back. I had read magazines like Playboy and Penthouse but the magazines in there would make ever a sailor blush...(I did!!!)

    That first foray into that den of iniquity could make for a story unto itself, but to make a long story short, it was during that first visit that I noticed a magazine, a news paper really, called Fetish Times. On the cover it had a photo of a guy wearing a diaper!!!

    That was my eureka moment... I was NOT the only one out there that liked diapers!!! I can not describe the feelings that went through my mind at that moment, I had not come into the book store looking for diaper material, it was a total accident, I had no idea that such publications even existed. Needless to say I snatched that paper up and from that day forward I searched for other publications that had anything to do with diapers. Over the years I found many, and remember this was before the internet.

    Some of the other publications / organizations I found:
    Finger magazine
    Amber enterprises
    Infante press (Seattle)
    Letters Magazine
    Diaper Pail fraternity (Later diaper Pail Friends)

    So my question for you is; Where/How did you first find out that there were others like you out there before the internet?

    Bonus Question... What were your favorite publications?

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    I remember those days back when I was in my thirties. I would visit the "XXX" bookstores every so often. At that time I wasn't really interested in diapers but
    was in the TS/TV mags. Didn't really care about the movie booths or the local "XXX movie theaters". We also had a store in my hometown that had a huge mag
    section which was quite popular for it's Men's mags that I would say were X rated. Don't really remember a lot of the titles though.

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    A friend and I would both play in makeshifts after school at age 7 in the late 60s. My discovery this was a much more wide spread thing came in the early 80s buying magazines like Diaper Time, (I still have volume 1 issue 1), though mail order outlets like Stamford Hygienic or DOM.

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    I never found any thing of the sort. I did find some pictures of adult diapers in my mothers nursing books. Then in '88 there was an article in one of the tabloids about a man of 54 that lived like a baby 24/7. After that there was occasional articles, then the CSI episode.

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    When I was a teenager, I used to put all my undies on at once and wet them like I had a diaper on. I thought it was weird, but fun. I confess I never heard of an AB before the internet. We bought our first computer just before we had our son 16 years ago and while researching baby things I stumbled across a guy in a diaper sucking on a woman's breast. I was like, "OMG! People do this?" The image and especially the diapers stuck in my mind since I realized then that what I did years ago others were doing, too.
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    Yeah, I was out on my own with no internet, convinced I was crazy. As a kid, I would wait for the new Sears catalog to arrive so I could look at the pictures of diapers. I'd make makeshift diapers, use them, and wonder what was wrong with me.

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    Although my recreational diaper habit started in the early 1980's, my first awareness of the AB/DL community came as a result of my stumbling across the newsgroup on Usenet in the fall of 1994. So it was an electronic medium, but a dinosaur nonetheless.

    Unfortunately, like most Usenet groups at the time, fetish.diapers was already drowning in spam. There was also quite a lot of explicit spam and other creepy content. So, basically, I found out about AB/DL and was relieved to know that I wasn't alone, but the online AB/DL community didn't seem like a very friendly or healthy place to be. It didn't help that, soon after discovering fetish.diapers, I ran into D**ker's page, and then DPF. DPF, I gather, was once a respectable print publication, but its web presence in the mid 1990's still buried the needle on my creep-o-meter.

    Very shortly after that, I stopped investigating the AB/DL scene, and was only barely aware of the comings and goings of other AB/DL sites over the next ~15 years. Until stumbling upon ADISC a couple of years ago, I'd never discussed AB/DL with anybody, virtually or in person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Yeah, I was out on my own with no internet, convinced I was crazy. As a kid, I would wait for the new Sears catalog to arrive so I could look at the pictures of diapers. I'd make makeshift diapers, use them, and wonder what was wrong with me.
    I had forgotten about the Sears catalog, I remember looking at the catalog as we'll. I would fantasize about having some on the plastic plants they advertised. Back then they were for bedwetters, and infirm adults. I always wanted a pair of those pants but I could never figure out a way to get them without my parents finding out... :-)

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    I remember back in the 1970's and 80's the sears, JC Penny and Montgomery wards catalogs had a medical supplies section that had adult and youth size diapers in them both cloth and disposables
    I think all of those companies eventually stopped selling medical supplies.
    so sad that they don't sell them now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScienceGeek View Post
    Where/How did you first find out that there were others like you out there before the internet?
    In the early 80's, I was working in Boston and ran into "Letters Magazine" on the news stand and discovered the adult baby articles.

    I didn't so much "find out that there were others like you out there" but discovered that "adult baby" play was a legitimate (o.k. to speak about??) activity and the practice was much more diverse than I imagined (forced diapering, for example).

    I realize that this might be a distinction without a difference but I didn't really say "Hey, I'm not the only one doing this"... I kind of knew it intuitively.

    I can only imagine how different my diapered life would be if I had been born in the internet age. I DO believe that readily available information about this syndrome and the availability of adult size baby items would have encouraged much deeper play and probably more (and sooner) acceptance on my part. It was a tough time too be an AB/DL.

    You are absolutely right, the internet changed (no pun intended) everything.

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