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Thread: pacifier and bottles

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    Default pacifier and bottles

    sorry about asking something discussed many times,

    i'm almost ready to take the plunge to get a pacifier and bottle...

    i've checked out the difrax website because this brand is available at my drugstore near me...
    so thinking to buy an S shape bottle,
    with the right bottle teat, the wide large natural for thicker fluids would this work for apple juice and so on?
    also the S bottle comes in various sizes, would you reccommend the largest or just a small one??

    for the pacifier would the pacifier natural extra strong 18 months plus work?
    i'm almost ready to have all the things to regress... a good diaper to feel small because of when wet the semi bulk and now to complete an pacififer and bottle...

    thanks and sorry for the long story

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    I would say just get whatever bottle and pacifier you like :P Chances are the pacifier will be too small for your mouth regardless. The same goes for the bottle, the nipple will always be to small or the hole on it will be too small and you will have to suck hard... What i do is I juts buy whatever bottle i think is adorable and i cut a larger hole in the nipple so its not a work out to drink from the bottle every time. So your best bet would be to just get whatever appeals to you, because its made for babies it wont be as comfortable as you expect so in terms of pacifier, you'll have to order one online that is made for adult mouths, and for bottles you'll have to open a bigger hole in it regardless. They make the holes on the nipple small so that the babies don't choke on too much fluids. Just get scissors and gently poke a hole. Or get a knife and try to saw a larger hole by cutting the silicone.

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    I Well, hope I can be of some help. Here is what I did.

    First, the paci. Any baby pacifier you get will be too small, and may hurt your mouth, that is why I recommend a Nuk 5. Now the plain Nuk 5 is all white and boring. That is why there are two places ABs go to get there modified Nuk 5. I mean modified is the sense that it is a Nuk 5 nipple on a baby pacifier guard, so it looks cute.

    We have the more expensive, but far more customizable option, pacifiers r us, FREE NUK 5 > OCTOBER 2013 PROMO – $32.99 OFF CART PURCHASE OF $100 or more – (VALUE OF A LATEX MODIFIED TEAT 5) AKA NUK . They have a wide array of guards to choose from and a few different types of nipples. They even ship the pacifier wrapped up in a unused free Bambino Diaper, which is a plus. It is those reasons, mainly the customizing, that some ABs prefer pacifiers r us. The only down side is that the Nuk 5 is around $32 there, so quite expensive.

    Second, we have another popular site for customized Nuk 5s baby-pants, Baby Pacifiers for Adults . They have many premade ones to choose from, and average around $20-$23. This is what I went with. They were really fast on shipping too. For me, it was the same day. I highly recommend them as they are cheaper and pretty fast. The only downside is they tend to sell fast, so you may have to wait a bit if the paci you want isn't in stock yet. Both options are great, so I say to save up money if you can order online and get a great paci.

    Now for bottles, there are a ton of different ones. I say browse your local Target or Walmart and get the one that speaks out. I recommend the Nuk 10oz ones. I got mine from, NUK Trendline 3 Count Tie Dye Orthodontic Bottle, Boy, 10 Ounce: Baby , but they also have girl designs as well, NUK Trendline 3 Count Animal Prints Bottle, Girl Animal Prints, 10 Ounce: Baby

    These come with 0 months, medium flow, which is okay, but I also got, NUK Silicone Orthodontic Nipples, 6 Months, Fast flow, (2 Packs of 2 Each): Baby Those are 6 months, fast flow. 6 month nipples fit in my mouth far better than 0 months, and the fast flow is great. Not too fast, not too slow. Barely have to suck to get out the liquid. I didn't even have to modify.

    That is just what I got, bottle wise. There are a ton more options, the article section has a great, well written guide on bottles, . Give it a look see, and see what you like. Either way, I hope you choose something to make you happy.

    Well, sorry for the novel, I tend to go on and on sometimes. I hope can be of help. And sorry for all the links, I wasn't sure how to make it so they were inside text. Anyway, I hope I was of some help to you.

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    I love my Nuby Sports Sipper! That is what I would recommend for drinking though not a bottle it is wonderful. You suck on it like a bottle so more bottle type then any Sippy cup I have tired. Hope that help.

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    Try out a few different brands till you find the one you like the best. Everybody's mouth is differently shapped.

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    I use a regular plastic baby bottle, but I enlarged the nipple hole using a cork screw. I know that sounds radical, but it works well.

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    This is the link is Cups and Spouts < Nby. Alternatively,, click on Cups and Spouts, and then click Silicone Sport Straws.
    I bought mine at Babies r us, got the two pack with one green cup w green grip and purple cup with purple grip. This on a 10 oz with a silicone straw that feels like a bottle, and it is sucked like a bottle to get the drink out. ( I would mention that this one does NOT have a folding/ flip straw, nor a plastic straw connected to the silicone straw. I bought a Nuby 12 oz cup with a Flip It Top straw that I did not like because it was not comfortable to drink out of; it was nothing like the Sports Sipper.) The Nuby Silicone Sport Straw is recommended highly by an AB on YouTube, which is what led me to try it as I wanted a sipper or bottle that was easy to drink out of. Love the Nuby Sports Sipper as when sucking on it the liquid/flow is just right, can buy it at a regular store; two of them were less than 15 dollars, does not need modification... It is a wonderful bottle for me. I am very pleased with it and would also recommend it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oceltot View Post
    They even ship the pacifier wrapped up in a unused free Bambino Diaper, which is a plus.
    lol. I sure hope it's unused.

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