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Thread: mature lady stood at the bus stop clutching a tena slip medium

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    Default mature lady stood at the bus stop clutching a tena slip medium

    Just had to share this. I was walking with my family a d walked past this attractive older lady holding the diaper to her chest. She was petit and it was a small size. it must have been for her. It made me so hot thimking of her concealing one under her long winter coat and tights. I couldnt belive my eyes. Was she wareing one now? I bet I looked crazy or rude stareing at her. She was talking to man with out a care. It was one of those things that reminds me why im a dl. It was so subtle but drove me wild! I just had to tell someone who would apreceate this as its been on my mind since it happened. Anyone else seen any real life strangers in diapers storys? I have another if the thread continues.


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    I see people buying diapers often, and i get a sort of shock/surprise and wonder if its theirs or for others.
    I often have the urge to chime in and say 'those are not great perhaps consider Tena/Molicare etc' perhaps its in our nature as DL's but you are definitely not alone.

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    I have two recent stories:

    -I was at Sainsburys (UK Supermarket), and there was this lady in for 50's that was wearing black leggings. She was kinda fat and big.. but she had the most obvious diaper bulge. You could see the big white diaper through the leggings. It's like she just didn't care.

    -When I was shopping at Boots (Pharmacy), a girl I went to school with had a serious accident where she fell from a height. She was wheelchair bound and her dad was pushing her round in it. But she was clutching a package of Boots Staydry Briefs.. looking rather embarrassed. Maybe the accident made her incontinent, who knows.

    It's weird because regular folk probably won't notice these sort of things. But because diapers are permanently engrained in my mind, it's easy to notice them.. thats for sure.

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    I sometimes see people with like depends, attends, or some store brand, when I am at the store.
    Makes me think too if its for them or someone else.
    Not very many times, tho I have seen a lil bit sticking out, and even heard what I thought was a crinkle before.

    I never say anything, tho I do wonder if they know there is better out there than those.
    Also wonder if they really need them or they use them for fun, like being a AB/DL.

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    I remember the first time I bought at a 24 hour store, I saw a guy that looked only a bit older than me and had 3 different types of diapers in his shopping cart. This was very late at night too. Either he had lots of kids, or maybe they were for him? He did not look like the type to have a lot of kids though.

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