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Thread: Diaper secrets???

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    Default Diaper secrets???

    Well i know some of you have noticed but Depends is owned by Kimberly-Clark, whom also make Huggies. I noticed awhile back that depends have these little stars on them and when you wet they kind of stand out a little more. I pulled one out today and thought it was funny they use the same covering like they did awhile back on the baby diapers. Maybe Depends are made from the leftover scraps from Huggies. o.o mind-blown. hahaha possibly explains why they are so bad :P
    Anyone else notice this or any other strange product things?

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    I assume depends and huggies/pull-ups are made at different factories. It's not like diaper machines have a button for "Huggies", "Pampers", "Abena", "Bambino ____'s"

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    I have noticed that before on the depend re fast-enables and the older white depend protective undwear
    they probably used the same back sheet as the huggies pull ups with fading stars, but with out the fadding star feature
    to save money rather then have a separate back sheet for the adult products.

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    I bought a cheap Chinese diapers from a Chinese shop in Cape Town, and the tapes were the exact same Tena use in their diapers!
    The quality/thickness and fit were not, however...

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    I get the impression that the diaper machines are built somewhat modular, and to some degree can be customized. Specific things like the elastic bands in the legs, and the tapes, are probably bought separately from a different supplier and loaded like the rest of the supplies. So for many of them, changing the tape used or changing the shell material may be fairly easy to do. Other things may be more complicated. But as for modules... as an example, there might be a leak-guard module. You either have it or you don't. If it's not there, the diaper just moves right to the next part of the machine. Same for say, the reinforcing tape panel. Or the feature that puts the front or rear elastic texturing on.

    It wouldn't surprise me if there's only two or three companies in the entire world that actually manufacture diaper machines. (anyone care to go digging?)

    Diapers that are similar are probably made on the same machine, with some modifications. Little differences like the Abena Air vs xplus.... those are almost certainly made on the same machine, just with different materials fed in. If you changed the shell material to say, purple, and changed the cutting dies for the shell and the padding to change the shape, and fed in different padding, now you have say a molicare. *shrug*

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    Diaper machines are most definitely a niche area of mechanics. It's interesting to see so many diapers just Frankenstein versions of others. What would be the best "Frankenstein" diaper? hmmmm but i still honestly believe Depends are just the leftovers of Huggies :P haha

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    Yes the stars on the refastenable . I have noticed the sames thing. Most likely same batch of material used in the backing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlove View Post
    Diaper machines are most definitely a niche area of mechanics. It's interesting to see so many diapers just Frankenstein versions of others. What would be the best "Frankenstein" diaper? hmmmm but i still honestly believe Depends are just the leftovers of Huggies :P haha
    i think the weirdest diaper my imagination would come up with would be boxer shorts that have absorbent padding even down the legs a little bit with some sort of a drawstring for the waist and for each leg down to mid thigh. such a thing would most certainly be expensive but it's performance would never be in doubt. i wonder if they make those? i have seen boxer style diapers but the padding only covers the area that a normal diaper padding would cover i am talking like the padding going down to at least 5" down the thigh.

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    bambinod, i agree. i am familiar with manufacturing processes to the degree that i can tell that it was made at the same facility and machine. take bambino belisimo and dry 24/7. they look very similar in pictures i have seen and could quite possibly be made on the same machine with only a few differences. the one that stands out is the tape landing zone on the belisimo which is not on the dry 24/7. the bambino classico/bianco is made on the same machine as the secure personal care x-plus. the plastic back sheet and the tape landing zones and leg/waist elastic are identical except for the graphic on the landing zone plastic and a wetness indicator on the x-plus. i recived a shipment of the x-plus recently, the wetness indicator was missing on the mediums but not on the large suggesting that the mediums might have been rejects from the classico/bianco line because the graphic was the "secure personal care llc" logo

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    Used to work in a factory, (not diapers) and with alot equipment, changes can be made on the fly. restarting a single factory machine from shutting down can be a laborious and time consuming process, even if you are throwing out as much as 10 minutes of product while the equipment is adjusting is cheaper than a 20 minutes to an hour of downtime (pray it doesn't jam when making on the fly adjustments). No, I don't think Bambinos and Dry 24/7 are made on the same machine.. otherwise both would've been out of stock for the past 6 months, they may have the same model diaper machine or raw materials sources tho.
    that being said, I think Kimberley Clark does use the same machine for both their Huggies line and their depends line, or at least parts of it. if the padding and at least most of the inner/outer liners were the same (aside from size) they are likely produced on the same production line, with option finishing (huggies (wings, tapes)/depends(underwear like topper)) splitting from that stream into different production lines. and yes, I DID notice the back sheet of the pad/core being the same for both product lines for several years Most factories of this type will produce a batch or run of one product, then switching to another when inventories get low

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