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Thread: How to encourage yourself into AB mode/Getting past mental roadblocks?

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    Question How to encourage yourself into AB mode/Getting past mental roadblocks?

    I'm really hoping I'll get a lot of input on these topics and may end up bumping this thread if need be....

    Basically, I know I enjoy regressing, I know much of what I like about it and about being a "Little" or AB, however I've been for the most part unable to sink into this form of regression as much and/or easily as I do my other form of regression (pet play)....

    now some of this is definitely tied up with my dislike of my body in general (large amounts of body dysphoria being stuck in a male body vs the female one I'm aiming to achieve in the next few years)

    Things such as body/facial hair (I trim things down when I can but it's incredibly tedious and more stressful to obsess about it than constantly deal with it), obviously male features (including that *thing* down there) and just the knowing I'm not comfortable in this body all throw me through a mental loop when it comes to trying to fall into little mode.

    Alongside body dysphoria, I've often had a hard time taking my mind off life in general (especially when alone) as my brain never stops ticking on the never-ending perils of my everyday - I know that being able to relax would aid me in my plight but most things I've tried in the past has failed (ie meditation, yoga, breathing exercises) or are things that require me to be an adult to do (ie the computer relaxes me for the most part but I don't see my little being old enough to know how to use such things)

    TL;DR version: Anyways, the summary of this thread is that I'd like advice on how to 'ignore' any body quarrels both gender-related and general physical ones (ie overweight, disliked body parts) I have or get past them as well as how to let myself slip into a kind of blank state of mind and connect with my inner "little" more easier, especially when I have no one to help me do so/any of this.

    there are probably a few parts of this I skipped but I'm guessing the jist is detailed enough.

    hoping some wise souls will read this and give their take, as always any input or advice is appreciated and thanks in advance :3

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    I normally wouldn't suggest this, as it seems to have little-to-no effect on most people, but have you tried hypnosis?

    SoCalAB, WarpMyMind, and Baby Pants all offer downloadable hypnosis files for a reasonable price that contain "induction scripts", which help to calm the mind and focus attention away from all the tedious stuff we think about every day. Most of them are designed to aid the listener in reaching one or several AB/DL-related goals (e.g., bedwetting), but they are also great for inducing a general state of relaxation and comfort.

    Personally, I've had little success with reaching any of the intended goals, despite listening to a variety of hypnosis files over the years. Nevertheless, I still listen to them frequently as a simple relaxation exercise. They really do help to calm a busy mind and make you less aware of (or at least less concerned with) the things that typically bother you day-to-day.

    Give 'em a try! Worst case scenario is they have no effect and you're out of pocket 5-10 bucks. Best case is they help to erode any emotional barriers that are preventing you from exploring your little side!

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    I don't have your problem to the extent that you do, but sometimes for whatever reason I want to wear but just don't. I'm not horribly happy with my body or life either but I think that regressing helps that. Personally I think that once you get into it, it stops being an issue because babies/toddlers/little kids don't really think of gender/sex.

    I understand that it's not the same for you. But perhaps if you just do one step at a time, it will be a bit easier. Start by just getting a diaper out and see what you think. Then move onto the actual process of diapering. Once you have a diaper on, I feel like the whole regressing process is easier to "believe." Then can come the onesie, paci, etc.

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    I did forget to mention I have tried hypnosis before, my mind is practically an impenetrable fortress when it comes to introducing new non-essential thoughts to it unfortunately

    @Succs200mg I think i get what you're getting at, and it gives me a few new ideas of how to approach things so thank you for that :-)

    I'm still very much hoping for additional suggestions/advice/ideas though, considering the success of my other topic thinking maybe it's just a quieter past 24 hours than usual so hopefully more people will give it a read...I was especially hoping some of the more gender-flexible/transgender/LG/Sissy members would have chimed in by now as I'm guessing that's where I'd get the most close-to-my-situation suggestions from for at least the body issues part.

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    Well, even though I'm not transgendered, I'm an LG, so I do get the difficulty with regressing. It's tough to imagine yourself as tiny and cute when you're a guy, externally. In my case, it took a lot of practice. I had to get used (in my limited private time) to wearing a dress and diapers and actually feeling like a little girl. But there were a few things I found helpful along the way.

    One thing that helped me was distracting myself with something. The first time I actually regressed, I had just finished a week at work, and I was very tired. I had their house to myself that weekend, so I got changed, but I was so tired that I just wanted to lie down for a nap. So I snuggled my teddy bear, sucked my thumb (I didn't have a pacifier at this point), and as I drifted off, I felt it. As if I'd actually become a little girl. My brain was so tired that I could drown out the feelings of being an adult. Later on, I was able to do the same thing while awake. Listening to piano music, colouring, watching girls' cartoons, and just reacting naturally...just let my inner little girl out. Once, when I was feeling really daring, I slipped into my backyard (during a gloomy day with no one outside!) and I just twirled in my dress for a while. It felt beautiful to spin, and to lie in the grass staring up at the sky. It's about finding an activity to help yourself sink into that mindset!

    The other thing I found helpful was self-expression. When we share who we are, and are embraced, regression is almost natural. Even in this forum, like in the LG group or on the sissy board, sharing your interests and hearing the community agree or validate your feeling can go a long way. Do you have a certain dress you'd love to wear? Is there a certain past time you just love when you're little? Shared about it! This self-expression as a little girl is such a freeing thing. And if you're fortunate enough to find a caretaker who'll let you just be yourself, that's the most wonderful thing. In my case, finding a caregiver allowed me to actually BE that little girl, even if it's just a roleplay. I'm forever thankful to my amazing mommy for being so open and loving! But been if you don't have a caregiver, there's a lot of freedom in being able to share your little side with like minded people and be accepted. There are places on this very forum just for that!

    On a similar note, writing can be a good wa to connect with your little side. You seem to be someone who likes to write - even a short poem or story can help you express who you are and let that little girl out.

    It's toughj, and I'd say it even takes practice, but it's possible! Give some of these ideas a try, and see if they help. It's all about being the girl you want to be, even if it's just on a forum or just playing a game. Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

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