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Thread: Introducing diapers to girlfriend

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    Default Introducing diapers to girlfriend

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    Has she said that she'd be willing to do so?

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    Delicate situation. Take it slow at first, don't rush into it even if she wants to rush into it... Maybe talk to her about it more and make sure you are both on the same page, make sure she isnt getting any erroneous ideas in her head that can make her think something completely incorrect about you. In my experience, one talk about it was not enough, it took a few discussions and a WHOLE lot of time, but your experience may differ from mine.

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    Don't make that assumption though.. I felt the same way when I told my wife, ive even told her (years later) about things I'd like her to do.. she doesn't do it. She never offered to do it, she never did it out of kindness or interest, she just doesnt get involved. Ive even asked her to just say certain things to me and she still doesnt do it. Not to say I'm mad at her or anything, she lets me be me, its just a little difficult for me since I'm AB or Little and when im in that mode i desperately want attention and care, and when she doesnt give it to me it hurts a little. But never make the assumption that she is getting used to something or that she will eventually participate the more she sees it... I thought the same thing. Women have an interesting way of dealing with things, and often times they wont be straight forward with you, its not a negative thing, its just how their minds work. Men are very straight forward and clear cut about their thoughts and intentions, and this can cause mis-communication. The best way to find out how a person feels about a certain thing is to talk about it.

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    Don't rush into it. Maybe ask her if you could show her what you look like in a diaper (but don't put it on in front of her -- any arousal might confuse things at this early stage). Assuming she says yes, thank her for being accepting and give her the best backrub you can muster (keeping diaper dry) for at least 30 minutes. At the end of the massage gently thank her again and make no further requests about the diaper. That way, you start with a positive association for her and have a better footing to slowly work your way towards the next steps.

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