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Thread: Have you been bullied at school? What was the outcome?

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    Default Have you been bullied at school? What was the outcome?

    I kept to myself during high school. My mother found a way to get me into school a year before I was suposta. So I am roughly a year younger than all my classmates all thru school. But Its cool.. I pretty much kept to my self. I can remember my mother telling me that I shoved another kid in a locker when I was in kindergarden. I don't remember why or what happened. All thur grade school I don't think I had any problems. Now High school. My freshman and sophomore years I was constantly harassed by one kid. According to mom I would come home and complain and complain about this kid. She called the school without my knowledge and told the asst. principal what was going on. And said "When he has enough of this kid, he will take care of it. And you will not do anything to him for it.". So one afternoon going to lunch I was pushed down a flight of stairs by this kid. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I brushed myself off and waited. After he casually walked down the flight of stairs. I slammed him up against the wall and his feet were a few inches off the ground. I don't remember what I had said to him. After I had my say, I let him down and walked off. This was a crowded stairwell not one person asked if I was OK. And not one person stopped me from telling this guy off while I had him in the air. When I got to the lunch room I told the asst. principal what had happened. I did not see him for a week after that day. I guess what I am saying is I was easily pushed around up until I've had enough. Now I just don't stand for it on any level. If I see something wrong I speak up against it. It makes me sad to hear of any kid that is bullied and takes their life.

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    I grew up in a poor desert town so, not much to do. I was introverted and basically was picked on from elementary through highschool. I had a very abusive mother so.. i basically just rolled with the punches and didnt let much bother me. I was used to being hit and yelled at at home anyhow, school abuse didnt bother me much. But at school, every time youd get in a fight, both parties would be suspended for a week. It didnt matter if you were the victim, you were supposed to somehow run away and find an adult. It doesnt work that way in real life.. When the gf of a jock who wa spicking on me brought a pistol to school, threatened me with it.. i reported it, they called the cops and yes, her daddy turned out to be a sheriff..Thus I WAS ARRESTED..... i had my paperwork "lost" and spent a week in jail.... before they "found my paperwork" and released me with a warning... I now hate cops.

    Between abuse at home, abuse at school. I found the weight training program at school. Found that i LOVED whiskey and steroids. I started breaking skulls left and right, going to juvie, being suspended most of the time AND still keeping a near 4.0 gpa. I had no happy ending, i just ended up as a vicious and nasty person for the better. I figured that if i was going to be punished for just getting beat up, i might as well be the one who kicks THEIR BUTT.

    It took me a decade to lose the anger that id built up in my teens. Nowadays im a happy man and find it hard to believe i was ever that violent of a man, but it lets me understand why so many hate school, cops, authority. They did nothing to help, only to hinder.

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    I was bullied in school and it was horrible for me- made it harder for me as I already had issues socially as I got older because I was not emotionally mature like the other students in the school were. High school was the worst for me... at least my junior and senior year- freshman and sophomore years weren't too bad because I had some protectors but when my protectors graduated- I was attacked mercilessly.

    I had been teased, tormented all through school and I will admit I nearly committed suicide because of the bullying plus also I had suicidal thoughts cause of a med I was on. It was THAT bad for me in school. This was a time before cyber-bullying and social media... so at least I've been spared the horror of that. I doubt I would have handled that very well. I was shoved into lockers, had my books stolen and an FM unit I used to hear the teachers due to my hearing loss vandalized- never to be found again- LONG story there- I also was shoved into the swimming pool fully clothed once RIGHT before a big meeting with the special ed director and my mother my senior year... That incident almost had me dropping out a few months before graduation.

    I also had hell in middle school and elementary school as well cause I was in special needs classes such as the Hearing Impaired Unit and Severe Behavioral Handicap class as well. I had a hard time emotionally and mentally because at the time- 1980s-1990s- they didn't know much about Asperger's Syndrome- which I was diagnosed with in 2004 professionally- and that explained a lot to me. I went to my 10-year-reunion in 2005 and I admit; I was nervous that night because I didn't know what to expect but I am glad I did.

    Some people came up to me, apologized to me and even bought me a beer! Some even now look after me, help me if I need it and I help them out too if I can. One of my former tormentors is now a minister and he has apologized to me and told me that if there was anything he can do- call him. I had a good time that night and it was also a night I realized I was wholly over my bullying.

    To this day; I hate seeing stories about kids who are bullied committing suicide because it makes me think about how close I was to that breaking point in 1993. It amazes me that I decided to keep going forward, seeing what happens and enjoying life. I won't tolerate bullying either- I hate it. I have even had to tell some of the neighborhood kids to stop the bullying once as some older girls were teasing a younger girl mercilessly one night- which bought me praise from the owner of where I live. I hate bullying, it's rotten, low and there has never been a need for it.

    When I was a kid the teachers and administrators were all like- 'It's kids being kids! That's all it is- there are no dangers to it,"- well there are dangers to it as bullying can affect a person.

    It did for me for a long time... made it hard for me to trust people and or to make friends as well.


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    I was bullied my entire life from the moment i set foot in the public school system. It wasn't until i left the schooling area of my hometown to go to a different part of the city that this all stopped. I was bullied from elementary school up until my sophomore year in high school (which was when I left the school to go to another one) probably because i had the same dickhead classmates i had had since elementary school. Middle school was the worst for me because i had to resort to making gun threats and death threats for people to fuck off. I was a timid person who didnt look or act weird but somehow i became a target for everyone and most days i would come home crying and ready to end it all. Somehow i survived long enough to get to high school, i made a few friends in both middle and high school who had influence over the bullies but they never used it to help me, they just sat there and watched. Also, a lot of the times the bullies were girls, and its twice as hard to do anything about it when you are being bullied by girls, at least at that time it was.

    In the end i grew up, got tall, and still treated everyone nicely. When i got back to my old hih school, everyone who had been a bully to me had already graduated and I knew absolutely no one, it was a fresh start. People attempted to bully me again but that's when I became an unrelenting bitch. I even preyed on someone's deceased parents when they didn't stop bothering me. I grew a small reputation for being "fucked up" because of the things I said, but honestly I did what i had to do for people to leave me alone. Luckily though, the only people who didnt want anything to do with me were the idiots of the school that i was happy not to associate with, I had a group of friends that was somewhere in the middle of the popularity scale so I guess i remained neutral. Honestly though, when people talk about how they miss high school or middle school or how they want to go to a reunion, I tell them not to invite me because the entire time i was there i wanted to burn the place down.

    I would even get in trouble for not being able to handle it anymore and blowing up. I saw this documentary called "Bully" and it is disgusting how schools just IGNORE the problem and act like its the victim's fault.. It literally sent me on a rampage and makes me fear for having kids, because the day my kid gets fucked with in school, i'll put the fear of god in them. Surprisingly enough though, it never affected my ability to trust people or make friends, even today I am open with people and I never suspect they are up to something maniacal.

    I can't stand bullying, whenever i see someone bullying someone else, or whenever someone ATTEMPTS to bully me, I step away from all rationale and I let the beast out. I have no patience for bullies. I'm glad that the world is finally starting to see that "just ignore them" is not a solution to end it... I did everything they told me to do "ignore them and they'll stop" "laugh with them about you and they'll stop" "pretend like you dont care and they'll stop" "report it to a teacher or principle and they'll stop" and none of it ever worked. Even the gun threat thing blew over after a while and people kept going at it.

    Just writing this response is getting me all riled up, I had to filter my cursing extensively.

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    i was bullied so bad i almost became the first equivalent of the columbine shooter's i think. i obviously never did but that's due in part to me realizing i NEEDED a sense of honor to stop this from happening. when those shootings occurred it was not hard for me to imagine why. in order to do anything you have to have motivation to do so. and well shooters like that are EXTREMELY well motivated to do their violence FOR A REASON. it's the bullying and they eventually get so sad that they become irate enough to actually plan and kill people without even trying to justify themselves in their own eyes sometimes.(remember the "bad guy" in any story in real life usually see's themselves as the "good guy") we need more then just better mental health services we need to make going to ANY school a healthy place to go all the time every time without exception. if we don't do this these shootings are going to continue. now i am NOT condoning the violence these people make on the contrary i utterly disagree with them. but our society continues to think that this is not a problem until someone dear to them get's shot. essentially we need to REMOVE the causes of this motivation from school's everywhere to make this stop. an this applies to the suicide of bullied kids as well.

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    i got beaten up several times in high school. teachers/parents didn't really care or do anything. i was the skinny gay boy in a homophobic environment. college on the other hand was a different experience. a liberating one.

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    Yeah, I was definitely bullied from the second grade up until, believe it or not, freshman year of college. If it helps, I went to a pretty small college with only 2,000 kids total. The reasons for my bullying probably varied, but it was most likely due to me being a little too quirky and not having enough social skills due to a lot of neglect in the abusive household I grew up in. Other than that, it was likely a sort of 'joining the crowd' effect, where people knew they'd lose social status by standing up for me, and knew they'd gain social status by joining in on the fun.

    When you're the target, there isn't much you can do. Whatever you do will backfire. Whatever words you say will be the wrong words; whatever moves you make will be the wrong moves. Only because you, the target, did or said anything, it will be wrong. Ignoring them does not work. (Once you are singled out, you are no longer exactly a human being as much as a stepping stone to social power. Lack of action also means nothing to someone now designated as a stepping stone.) Telling a teacher only ensures worse trouble coming. The only thing a target can do is to love him/herself despite the crowd telling them to hate him/herself. To show up at school, anyway, and to not let it all sink in too much. Most children are highly ill equipped to stand tall in the face of such rejection and hatred. I was no exception.

    I wish I could tell you that I overcame everything with dignity and now I'm this terrific person I wouldn't have been if it hadn't of been for years of bullying. It's not true. I have social phobia, I stammer when I'm nervous, I'm still frightened to be too far from home for too long, I fear rejection more than most people fear death, and I have general anxiety problems the likes of which most normal people will hopefully never have to feel. I started self-harming in middle school and it's continued on and off up until about a year ago. I would love to say it's over forever and I'll never do it again, but I know I can't really make that promise. It's hard to feel equal to the world when for half of your life inside it you were the lowest of the low, the bottom rung, the person people actually requested suicide from via a petition with many signatures. It's hard to be normal after things like that. Maybe it's impossible.

    The best outcome of bullying, for me, has just maybe been that I never bullied other kids as a child, and never wish to harm other people as an adult. I want to treat people with the love they failed to show me, when I was young. I saw how hateful people can be, and while it scares me to some extent even still, it instills a sense of human frailty I might have otherwise missed. I wish to learn how other people work to compensate for the years of intense confusion I suffered throughout my school years. So far, what I've learned is that when a big group of people all get together, watch out.

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    When I was bullied, from the ages of five to fourteen, it was all about being different. Being the sensitive, bookish boy in a small town with very backwards attitudes. I'm still not sure what I did to earn it, but I was placed on the bottom of the social ladder as well. In had few friends, and fewer consistent friends, until I escaped to high school and got to redefine myself, being with people who weren't so close-minded.

    I won't pretend it was even bad bullying - I only got hurt physically a few times, and most of it was just words. But it was a lot of isolation, and being told I had no value. I was the target, and nothing would change anyone's minds. It had a major effect on me, but in a good was as well as a bad one.

    Being alone so much did increase my introversion. It also closed me off to trusting others. Every feeling, fact, or statement was something else to catch you on. If you were dumb enough to let someone close, they'd betray you and things would get even worse. Even in this trusted community, I've shared very little of who I am, because I still fear having it turned against me. In addition, I learned to be afraid of disappointing others. So much of what I do now is driving to please others, and my worst fears revolve around guilt, rejection, and failure. Having few friends, I learned to define myself by my school successes, and to fail was to lose my identity. Even today, few things are more horrifying too me then failing others.

    Despite all that, some positives came from it all. I learned not to be a follower. Other people had little to offer me, so I learned to make my own way. I've never been subject to trends, popularity contests,or trying to be in the in crowd. I'm my own person. As well, the experience taught me not to judge. When someone's being kicked by everyone else, I won't join in, but I'll ask why. Sometimes, the most beautiful people are hated by the masses simply because the masses don't understand them. I learned to love the outcasts, because I know their story all too well.

    Being nobody taught me some good lessons, and filled me with some dreadful anxieties I'm still not fully over. I wouikdnt wish even my fairly minor experience on anyone, and I'll never cease to be amazed by those who went through worse. If nothing else, know that you didn't deserve what you went through, no matter what the situation, because no one does. Even if you did something wrong, no one deserves to be tossed aside. Everyone deserves to be loved.

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    I was bullied most of the time in school. I was in a special education program and the mainstream kids teased the people in our class all of the time. Most of the time I went with the flow. As I got older I was able to get even in the grade department. Back in our day you had to have a 2.5 GPA to be in sports. So I helped run the the curve up in the classes that I had with the bullies. I know of 4 that got cut from the team because of that. The even more satisfying events was when I was a math tutor in the local college and they had to come to me for help. I basically bullied them by reminding that "if I was so stupid then what does that make them when I am in calculus and tutoring them in math 95."

    Basically what goes around comes around, and crow is a dish best eaten warm.

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    I was bullied at home and school until 6th grade including a molesting-homo-pedo 4 years older than me my mother insisted I play with because I got caught kissing my 2nd grade girlfriend on the lips and needed to "play with boys". By the 6th grade I could fight off my abusive older sister, the pedo moved away, I felt strong for the first time in my life and became one of the JR High bullys myself. Thankfully by High School I developed empathy, calmed down and became a moderately respected electromechanical geek/greaser.

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