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    Well, for the first time I can remember, I wet the bed last night. I've had occasional daytime accidents before, but only when I was sick or tired and been foolish about taking in too much liquid.

    I wasn't wearing a diaper at the time (I usually don't wear to bed) but it wasn't a heavy wetting. It didn't go through my pajamas even, for which I am grateful. I think it must be stress related as I am under a lot at the moment.

    What surprised me the most is how embarrassed I felt at the time. I don't get embarrassed about daytime wetting.

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    Its happened to me before, and im married lol imagine how embarrassed i was :P

    Stress can cause night time wetting sometimes. You could also have a UTI (urinary tract infection). You should probably talk to your doctor about it, as embarrassing as it may feel, they've dealt with so many things that this is normal :P I've gone to my doctor for some pretty embarrassing situations, sometimes ive even had to deal with telling really cute, young doctor's something really embarrassing, but it shows in their response that they are in this field for a reason lol, they live for these kinds of common problems :P So just talk to your doctor about any accidents you have that you can't explain <3

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