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    Hello All. I have been wearing diaper since I was....well always! I have never stopped. It started when I was young as most of your stories I read do. I was a bed wetter, We went to the doc. tried multiple meds. (pills, Nose Spray?) Didn't really work. So my moms solution.....Diapers. I remember all they way back when i was real young to the day she told me I was getting to big for baby diapers and I would have to wear the ones for Adults... At that time I was frustrated because I really didn't want to wear diapers and now adult ones? I had no idea what to expect.. She came home with depends (the green ones) and it never stopped. Then when I was around 11-12 I started wearing in the day for fun without anyone knowing of coarse. My mom still knew I wore at night because of the bedwetting problem. But I figured she would get mad if she found out I really LIKED wearing them. It was a security thing I think? I started wearing 24/7 when I was in high school. Of coarse I counld't do it everyday because I played Varsity Soccer. But that was A fun time back then, Skip ahead to today and I have been Wearing 24/7/365 for 13 yrs. Woooww thats alot of diapers when I think about Now it feels like a necessity more than want. Well, thats most of my story. If you have any questions for me I'm here.

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    Hello Iwear365 and welcome to the group.

    This is a nice introduction story for why you are here, but could you please tell us a little bit more about your other interests such as you hobbies and interests.

    Again welcome.

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    Hello Iwear365. Hmmm *slaps my forehead* I can't believe nobody is (so far) calling themself Ipadded

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