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Thread: How I started to "like" wearing

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    Default How I started to "like" wearing

    I do still actually need to wear a diaper at night for bedwetting. Around 12 I was on medicine to try and help. It did work but caused headaches and something else that was a problem (don't remember term), so it was only for like half a year. Back then I'd rarely wake up dry. Now I'm dry like 3-5 times a week so it has improved somewhat over time (Exercise seemed to help).

    About if I like diapers- with me it's kinda weird. I mean I don't mind wearing goodnites because they work great. The alternative of a wet bed SUCKS - with that cold chill and laundry to do.

    It's hard to type out what I mean - Basically I like the goodnites but I didn't like the adult type diapers I've tried at all. My size is probably a big factor. I exercise regularly and do a lot of running and eat "good" and seem to have a "skinny gene" in my family. I'm 6' 3" tall but skinny/toned.

    Goodnites fit great- literally like my underwear and don't really feel like much when dry since they're so thin. Fast to put on too. In the morning they don't feel wet when they are. If they're wet they puff up a lot but aren't cold and clumpy and wet feeling. Just still comfortable. Sometimes I don't even know I wet until I first start to move and notice the ďbulkinessĒ feeling.

    At 15 my parents had me try youth/adult type diapers but they were NOT good. Depends smelled bad even dry- like chemicals. They were too big also even though I was "in the size range". The leg cuffs were crap and leaked a little. When they were wet they felt gross -Clumpy and coldish damp. I tried Attends too and they were ok. They fit better than the depends but still a little big. They felt ok dry but were also gross when wet. I didn't care for the tapes either. Adult pull-ups I tried were worse- I Think my mom returned the depends ones I tried. I told them I would rather go back to the medicine- lol. I just switched back to the goodnites after trying these few.

    When I was 16 the goodnites added prints instead of just white and I think that's when I started to go from just not minding wearing them to kinda liking them. It reminded me of pull-ups like I wore until about 10-11. I don't know why but I liked that they added them. I think being in them still at 16 had something to do with it. Around this time I changed my day underwear type at this time from stupid white briefs I've always worn to means bikini kind- not anything crazy/flashy just hanes. I also started regularly working out/running so I was getting more lean/defined and really started thinking goodnites looked "cool" on me. I also keep the diaper area trimmed but not shaved smooth.

    I do have to say I like to wear the goodnites because they are so comfortable, but don't know if I'm a true DL. A couple things I do might fall under that though.
    -On days I wake up dry, if I don't have to get ready for work or go anywhere right away I'll usually just pee in the diaper before I get up. If I do have to leave quickly I donít because I can just quickly throw the dry diaper in the bathroom garbage instead of having to go get a grocery bag and having to get rid of it all the way at the garage garbage (house rule). I donít reuse dry goodnites because Iíve had them leak.
    -When I get up I'll wear them wet or dry (with just a t-shirt still if no one is up yet) while I eat or anything else I do until I take a shower and get dressed.
    -Occasionally I'll put one on during the day especially if I'm home.

    Sometimes I have a feeling similar to looking at a cool car if I look in a mirror with I put them on. I really don't see anything sexual about them, more as just kind of cool. I think itís because there are so few people my age that need diapers, let alone use goodnites. Now that they're completely colored all over itís just like wearing a big version of Huggies pull-ups. So I guess my liking might have a "feeling like a kid aspect".

    The only thing that might be kind of sexual is when I sometimes wake up from wetting when its starting and going on. I canít stop it and immediately when it ends I ALWAYS get an erection. Probably because itís so sudden/surprising. This only happens maybe twice a year. Since I always wear pointing down this fortunately doesnít cause a problem.

    Occasionally I'll have an erection when I just wake up for no reason and sometimes my diaper is wet and sometimes it isnít.

    I'm not into babyish items, being babied, or wanting to be changed by someone.

    The only thing I don't like about wearing them is having to pay for them lol.

    Sorry I was kinda rambly.

    Overall I kind of feel calm when wearing them to bed and like how they look and feel on me - but not in a sexual way- more like how I feel looking at a cool car or something like that.


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    Thanks for sharing your feelings with us Sam. Glad that you feel cool in them .I bet you look it too

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    Great background, and welcome!

    Regarding the "DL" moniker, note that it doesn't necessarily connote a sexual interest in diapers; it just so happens that this is most often the case from a statistical standpoint. You'll read this time and again, but "AB" and "DL" are simply catch-all labels that allow us to conveniently reference the continuum of people that enjoy regression or the act of wearing/using diapers. They don't account for every variation within that continuum.

    If you visit the incontinence sub-forum, you'll find many others who share your feelings toward diapers -- insofar as they appreciate or even enjoy the sense of security and confidence that diapers afford. Many - but not all - of these folks would even go as far as labeling themselves "Diaper Lovers" without attaching any sexual overtones whatsoever.

    Bottom line: Don't get caught up in labels. Just be Sam!

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    Not all ABDLs have sexual feelings with diapers. Some just like to wear them because they provide comfort and security.

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