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    Hey everyone, been taking a break for a while but finally decided to purchase my 2nd pack of diapers today. This time around I wasn't too nervous like the first time and I was able to get into a mindset where i didnt care if someone saw me. I'm sooo happy I got out without causing too much stress and just feeling way more confident now. This time I decided to go with the tena super brief and it is even better than the first pack I got! I was even thinking of getting a Paci while I was out too but I backed out from that, does any Paci work for anyone or is there a certain kind that is the best??

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    Most people would suggest the Nuk 5 because it's made for adult use. The smaller sizes feel uncomfortable in an adult mouth, they just are too small for us! You can't really buy a Nuk 5 pacifier in any stores I know of personally. The best place is to get them off of Amazon. Nuk Medic Pro (L): Health & Personal Care for example.

    It's good you're getting confident! People really don't care about other people nearly as much as they care about themselves. They're all too busy wondering if you think they look good in their shirt or if their hair is okay to notice you're buying diapers or whatever.

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