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  • Horizontally (each tape faces nicely sideways)

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  • Angled (Top tapes angle down slightly, bottom tapes angle up a bit)

    39 52.00%
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Thread: How do YOU tape your diaper?

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    Default How do YOU tape your diaper?

    hey everyone,

    I was wondering how you guys tape up your diapers. what i mean is that i always tape mine up sort of horizontally like this

    = =

    = =

    (each "=" is a tape)

    But I've heard that it's better for some reason (what reason?) to do it like this

    \ /

    / \

    now that's really exaggerated because there isn't a less slanted key on my keyboard but you get the idea. Apparently it's good to angle the top tapes down and angle the bottom tapes up.

    So, um... why? and which way do you prefer?

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    Angled down on top. Actually, this applies to single-tape diapers and even old-school cloth diapers with pins. If the top (or only) fasteners are not angled down in front, then they probably aren't offering any support to the front of the diaper. Instead, they're just pulling the diaper tight across your middle, which is only half of their job. Of course, our bodies are all shaped differently, and the answer is going to vary somewhat according to what is best for conforming the shapes of our diapers to the shapes of our bodies.

    I find that a nice, snug fit (on me) is best accomplished by ensuring that the imaginary line connecting the top (or only) tapes on the back of the diaper lands squarely above my butt and hips. I then tape (or pin) downwards onto the front of the diaper while pulling it snug through my crotch. In this way, the diaper is well supported and maintains its snugness.
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    I always put the tapes as close to the top as possible(I know I am the odd one).

    But as an FYI, have you ever been out and about and have a tape break on you?
    It has happened to me and it sure puts you in a bad way. So, I took both front and back top ends of the diaper, stretched them out and tied both ends in a knot(actually a double knot)
    Bingo, back to a very tight fit and saved me from a potentially embarrassing situation

    Ya gota have a back up plan when you wear every where you go

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    Angled up tape on the bottom gives a better fit around the thighs, especially if the diaper is a bit on the large size for the wearer. You really want the tape to point in the direction of the tension vector, so that it resists gapping.

    I usually angle the bottom tape up, but take the top tape straight across. I don't worry so much about gaps around the waist.

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    When I tape my m4s on I make the tapes touch the padding. I will make sure the rear is an inch above the front, the front's padding(not the plastic) ending up just under my belly button, and both front flaps spread flat so those "humps" down the edges don't show. I'll then take the bottom left tape and move it 1 inch above the cuff, making the middle of the tape where that hump would have been. The same applies to the right. The fronts then go straight across at the tip of the padding (top edge of the tape is closet the the edge of the padding) and usually end up with the right overlapping the left. When I re-tape I move the fronts downwards and away from the blue tape.

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    like this:
    (I use lots of scotch tape since they are too small )

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    lowers usually tape downward, to pull up on the leg elastic. uppers taped straight in toward each other, to go around the narrowest part of your waist. If your diaper is big for you, expect a bulge in the front. if too small for you, expect lower tapes to go more straight toward each other.

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    well in all honesty i used to do that the wrong way. i think i need to keep watching this thread to remedy that........

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    On an Abena M4, I put the top tapes angled downwards, but not too close to the leg cuffs, and the top tapes down too. With Tender diapers I put the bottom ones down slightly, and the top ones straight across. With Cuddlz and Comficare diapers both sets of tapes go almost straight across, but just very slightly downwards.

    I think you have to experiment to get the best fit -- each person and each type of diaper is probably too different to give any hard-and-fast rules.

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    i find that having them slanted makes it a little more tighter on you.

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