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Thread: if you could be vanilla would you

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    Default if you could be vanilla would you

    straight up you would have no desire to wear diapers be a baby etc. you would be completely vanilla. I know it's kind of a serious loaded question but I think it's one that needs to be asked. Personally I'm split down the middle and it depends on the kind of day I'm having. on one hand I don't have to deal with the stress of ppl finding out and I would probably be more open to relationships. On the other being ab/dl has always been a part of mt life and has shaped my character in a lot of positive ways (being more accepting, appreciate ppl for who they are not what you want them to be, better understanding of the gay bi community etc.) I'm interested to see the responses to this.

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    I guess the answer would be yes, but only if the ABDL stuff had never existed in my life. Given that it has been there for most of my living memory, it's hard to imagine me without it ... hmmm, well, I'm guessing that I would be filling that part of my life with other stuff, I mean this is always there you know.

    Oh and I agree, being different does help me to be empathetic.... and I suppose that's a bonus.

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    Hmmmm... No. Nope. Nuh uh. I only wish I had more time and privacy for it.

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    Well personally I highly doubt I could be vanilla for the simple fact that regardless of how much I could try the events(that I believe) helped turn me into a AB/DL would still have happened and thus nothing would really change.

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    Nah, I enjoy non vanilla activities a bit too much. ^_^

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    There was a time where if you'd offered me a "vanilla pill", I would've knocked you over in my haste to grab it and swallow it down. From the time my interests surfaced around ten or eleven, I knew they were weird, and I already went through enough for being weird. Being the nerdy, unathletic kid in a backwards small town, I already had a hard enough time with bullying. Now, from sixth grade onwards, I was hiding a fascination with diapers (and cross-dressing, just to make it extra fun). If either of those were discovered, I'd be finished. At that stage, I would have downed the pill in a heartbeat.

    In high school, things got better. I made friends, and found my place. But it didn't change the fact that I harboured these eelings, now repressed due to being caught with women's underwear when I was fourteen. Again, I would have taken the pill, so I wouldn't have to repress anymore.

    During the university years, I got quite serious about my Christian faith. Unfotunately, one side effect of this loving community can be a fear if anything different. At the same time, I also got the independence needed to discover that I wasn't the only one with these interests, and to go out and buy diapers. This three me into a long series of binges and purges. I'd repress, grow desperate, buy some diapers, binge like crazy for anywhere from an hour to a week, feel disgusted with myself, throw it away, and repeat a month later. All the while, convinced that my desires were a dark, horrible sin, scared to ask for help for fear of rejection. Here, I would've taken the pill, too.

    Only about a year and a half ago did I give self-acceptance a try. I understood, finally, that this side of myself wasn't going to leave, and that instead of repressing it, I needed to own it. I needed to consciously decide to take on my identity in a safe, controlled way. Also, through a lot of prayer And reading, I came to the conclusion that if I'm not controlled by my desires and living a life of love, then maybe God's actually OK with this. (I'll spare you the details as they're lengthy but if you want to discuss this, feel free to PM me). Finally, I joined this forum, and actually dared to type the words, "I'm an adult baby" for an audience for the first time.

    For the last twenty months, up until today, if you offered me the pill, I'd say no.

    Being an adult baby has given me a unique way to understand and help others. It's taught me to have compassion on people Esther than judging them, because you never know what they're going through. It's also opened my eyes to a unique way to relax and learn about myself. It fits well with my natural daydreaming and curiosity. And let's face it, the clothes are far cuter, too. And yes, this can make relationships a challenge, but not impossible, as I've been very happy to find!

    My time in the ABDL world has continued to make me happy and help me understand the world around me. It's helped me meet wonderful people, and to accept myself just as I am. So I won't be needing the pill, thanks.

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    No. I've accepted that this is a part of me and I have no desire to expunge it. I am still working on integration of it fully into my personality. Being little is something that I want 'on' all the time. Of course, there is a matter of degree, and when I am in safer environments I can be more outwardly little. When I am at work or out in general public, I may be padded and wear kiddish/colorful clothes but I won't act little. But part of me is always going to be in that state. Much better to live with it and take joy in it than try to run from it or suppress it.

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    I'd never go vanilla, as I enjoy this aspect of me, and it's allowed me to meet some amazing people, but I would NEVER shove it into my daily life. There is a time and place for it, and public work life is not that.

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    Hmm....Probably not. And the reason is simple. If I didn't, what else would fill that up? Drugs? I doubt it, I despise them, even the legal ones. (excluding medical needs of course) But it makes you ask, if I got rid of this, what would replace it? And if I had never gotten this "fetish" what would have changed? Would I not have 5 nephews, ranging from 1: not yet born, to the others being between 4 and 6. Even if I hadn't started toa ccept this a month or so ago, I would not take it, for fear it would alter things for the worse.

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