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Thread: How many do you go through a day?

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    Default How many do you go through a day?

    So being a Non IC person i was wondering how many does a IC person go through in a single day.

    I usually change around lunch time and then again right after work or during my last break of the day. And then change once again for bed time so i got through about 4 diapers a day.

    I do not know what normal amount would be as it would vary person to person.

    I have been wearing near 24/7 for awhile now I forgot when I started XD

    But for the most part I just do my thing and that is that.

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    I must wear a diaper every night for bedtime for my bed wetting problem. It has gotten worst over the years. When I am at home I wear diapers during the daytime. I use Attends with Waist bands and I go through 3 diapers during the daytime. So for me I go through 4 diapers a day. But I am trying to go through only 3 diapers a day instead of 4 diapers a day to save money. I want to try another diaper for my daytime because Attends are starting to leak on me and they have gotten so thin over the years. I do miss the Attends with the blue tapes. I am trying to work something out, so I can use only 3 diapers a day. I am used to being in wet diapers so it does not bother me. But I just don't like leaks or if it gets really heavy and starts to slip down a little. I know that I am due for a diaper change.

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    I try to wear three a day, but it don't always happen that way. After my morning shower I put on a Tena Slip Maxi and can stay in it until the middle of the afternoon.
    I then use a Abena M3 untiill bedtime. If I happen to have had an accident which happens in the morning then I'll use three. For overnight I wear a Dependeco AIO
    with a stuffer. To help save on money I'll wear a AIO in the afternoon two or three days a week. Being retired my changes aren't a big problem with me. I used to wear
    Attends Waist band style but quit using them mainly because of clumping which had me changing more often.

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    Before I used catheters I was getting through 4 or 5 a day. Now it's one or two.

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    This topic seems to come up every six months or so. I usually wear four or five a day. When you are in wet diapers all the time, there are trade offs. You need to balance a lot of things:

    The potential for leaks (how wet is your diaper?
    Your budget (you don't want to waste diapers frivolously)
    Your skin (do you have a rash or susceptible to getting rashes?)
    How much wetting and/or messing you are doing that day.
    Are you wearing budget diapers or premium diapers?
    What's your plan for the day? Do you have to attend a long business meeting or are you working out of the house?

    All these things (and more) will determine how many diapers you use. My night diaper is a given, but some days I can get a away with two during the day (premium diapers mind you) and others might be four. Any more than about six and you probably need to reassess the situation.

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    I wear Abena M4's mostly. I generally use two or three a day, rarely four.

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    I usually if out and about a bit I use 5 3-4day and one just around local for an hour here or there

    If at home I can quite often save one or two a day...sometimes I can get to the bathroom and save on diapers...

    If I am totally out all day...then 99% of the time I'd be in my wheelchair...more likely my push chair...regular wheelchair kills my back...and I've got one bad pushing only go so far self propelled...

    Anyhow, if in my wheelchair I will use l4's or the old 24/7 with a molicare size two as a, I can usually go all day or close to it without all the hassle...getting into and out of my chair and to change in a bathroom isn't easy for me...even handicap stalls aren't restrooms are easier...depending on my physical issues of the day...severe leg cramps...I can't even think of doing a change without assistance...

    Right now is one of those times...been doing too much...legs cramping...pills not keeping it in check...luckily I have a brace that keeps it from dislocating things and pulling to many muscles...still doesn't allow me to walk at all...I have a few lpn's that help out when it's bad luckily cuz I'm a bachelor again...

    People just look at my deformed lumps and bumps on my head, bumleg and they know why I'm not doing well...and no one looks for a diaper bulge in a wheelchair...

    I do carry with a change just in case...but unless it's been a really long day out, or for some other reason need a change...luckily I'm the other way on the BM front...I usually need either lots of stool softener or an enema to make that end work...side effect from three of my drugs...and had issues with that before as well...

    So, bottom line...
    1-2day with booster when going in the chair...
    4-5 regular day partial not home...
    3-4 at home all day....


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    I pee about twice an hour depending in temperature and how much I drink. I used to pee less frequently , but more each time. As my incontinence has progressed I pee more often and less. I wear high capacity nappies and use between four and five a day.

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    I would say i usually go through about 4 or 5 diapers a day. I always try to get higher quality diapers, so I don't have to go through as many. It may be more expensive, but I think it pays off!
    At night, I change in to my night diaper right before bed, as close to bed time as possible.
    When I wake up, I stay in that night diaper through breakfast and lounging around for a bit until it's time to get ready for the day
    Then I change in to my day time diaper for school and work
    And I try to stay in that diaper until I get home from the day, but sometimes that doesn't happen!
    When I get home, I change immediately and the cycle continues!
    It's a pretty stringent routine, but it works for me, and I like to have that consistency in my day. For me, it relives some apprehensions I always have about leaks and not being prepared!

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    Slightly more than half a diaper. I wear slightly more often than every other day, and seldom twice in one day.

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