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Thread: Odd walking in little mode

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    Default Odd walking in little mode

    I noticed that when I am feeling little, sometimes I walk differently, miss-stepping or nearly slipping, but I always catch myself. But it is weird. It is completely unintentional. Has anyone else found their bodies just act differently or catch yourself doing things you didn't intend to do?

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    I tend to ignore chairs and couches whenever I'm wearing. I usually don't notice until my legs start to hurt then I'm like "Oh yeah I have a couch" Don't really think it's related to anything it's just a weird thing I've started to notice.

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    When I am very tired that happens to me. Sometimes my equilibrium is not on course too.

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    Is this because of the unusual amount of bulk between the legs especially more so with doubling or more diapers and/or bulky diaper cover - the so called waddle effect ?
    Probably not so much with females due to the normal wide pelvis - but with males more pronounced.
    Of course with more bulk comes less working room for what was normal - also if wearing clothing that was not part of the regular regimen i.e. Baby Doll; dress/skirt; onesie;
    shortalls etc. then a level of comfort in navigating from one place to another can be expected to be cumbersome.

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    I fall down or usually up the stair every day...miss a step going up stairs...

    Nothing to do with ab more to do with my foot having no feeling and no down pressure on my two largest toes.

    But, may just be the diaper bulk, I'm used to it, never really noticed...


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    Well, it'sd not related to walking, but I have noticed some things change when I go little. Last week, I did something I never thought I'd do, and regressed in front of another person (my girlfriend, over webcam). It was very difficult at first, since I was mainly trying not to have a heart attack! But with time, I became more and more comfortable...and that's when things changed.

    I found that my words and thoughts were starting to reflect those of a small child - and this wasn't intentional, even though I knew it was happening. My voice got higher, and I found myself forgetting a lot of my vocabulary (I called everything "good" or "nice", instead of using synonyms). When something made me happy, I'd usually giggle, scrunch up my eyes, and actually wiggle with delight. My senses seems higher - my clothes felt unusually soft, the light in the room seemed clearer, and the world felt like a much bigger place. It didn't change how I walked, to my knowledge, but not changed my thinking completely.

    The weird thin was, I was aware I was regressed, and able to talk about it, although I'd just describe it as "feeling littler" in that state. I'd compare it to being hypnotized - you're completely aware things are different, but it doesn't bother you, and you just relax and let things happen. I wonder if what you're describing as different walking is similar to this experience, CuriousOne. It sounds like the same thing.

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    Walking oddly has happened to me without me even knowing about it, untill a friend of mine whom I live with and has known about my little side for the past year ;told me I was walking differently ( I had a diaper on ) . I guess when you wear 24/7 for awhile you get used to it and don't think about it .

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    I have always walked on my tip toes. My mother says I have walked that way since I started walking. I do not notice it myself. I could not tell you if I walk different in little mode since I have not discovered the little in me yet.

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    Usually I walk normally, but once in a while, when nobody is really looking, I'll exaggerate the "toddle waddle" just a little.

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    Nah, No diaper bulk to cause problems. I have no money for them, and as such, learn to do without. Though you pointed out:

    Quote Originally Posted by adventurer
    My senses seems higher - my clothes felt unusually soft, the light in the room seemed clearer, and the world felt like a much bigger place. It didn't change how I walked, to my knowledge, but not changed my thinking completely.
    I find a similar thing happens. My 26 year old teddy bear, while it normally feels scratchy, feels soft in little mode. For those interested in science that strongly hints that the brain can purposefully alter how it perceives sensations. But yeah, without any bulk or over tiredness, my walk was different, I was holding myself different, though fully away at the time what the differences were, I didn't stop because it felt right. I was just curious what other odd changes you seem to make, without meaning to. In my case after I realized it I still didn't change it, though I could have, merely marveled at how it seems the little side had started taking over my body's movements without my knowing.

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