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    I was wondering if my new idea is too scary for some kids on Halloween. I'm getting a Guy Fawkes mask and with a full body suit underneath a jacket, I will pretend I am a human who's face was stolen by a spirit for trying to destroy a fictional jungle of magic. Because of this, I am forced to wear a mask to hide my "abnormality" until I find a human that shows no value or respect towards others and the world around them, and then I steal their face.

    I know there are some good messages about respect and all that, but I was wondering if the whole thing will be too scary for the little kids. I mean seeing a hooded guy in a creepy mask, I would be scared too if I was 3 dressed in a bumblebee suit. But last year I acted like the Forgotten Blue Man (blue suit). So this year I wanted to be something a tad bit scary, but is it too scary? Also what do you think about this idea?

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    I think the people will just think you're someone from 4Chan. The backstory is cool, but little kids won't really ask for the backstory, unless you chase them down the street screaming that you're going to steal their faces.

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