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Thread: Sleeping in baby sleeping bags

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    Default Sleeping in baby sleeping bags

    Hi all,

    Im Howie, and Im living in Germany. This is my first day on this forum.

    I love to sleep in baby-styled sleeping-bags. In the UK, I guess its called "grobag" or similar? Im very much into them, and Im very curious if there are others outside my country who also love snuggling themselves into such a cute, baby-styled sleeping-bag.

    Hope to find many of you, and am curious for your answers...


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    Guten Tag Howie,

    To answer your question I have never done that but it sounds nice.

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    Not really sure what a baby styled sleeping bag is, but I have a normal one and I do like sleeping in it when its cold out. Since you brought it up that kind of wants me to sleep in mine tonight since its really cold out tonight, it's only 1 measly degree fahrenheit, or about -18 celsius outside now and the wind chill is at about -20 F, -29 C and it's chilly in my apartment, so I might sleep in my sleeping bag tonight to keep warm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace View Post
    Not really sure what a baby styled sleeping bag is, but I have a normal one and I do like sleeping in it when its cold out. .
    Hi Ace,

    watch the attachment, and you see what I mean...its so comfy sleeping wearing it, and this one is very practical as well as it has a zip along the bottom side so you can walk in it when leaving your bed and close the zip when sleeping so your feet always stay warm...

    Do you like it?
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    That looks SOOO comfortable. And to think, here I am freezing my tookus off and I could be all warm in one of those.

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    Ahh i have seen those on Privatina's website they look so comfy :]

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    It does look very cute and comfy, though to be honest I would love to have a sleeping bag, full stop. I don't care whether it is babyish or not, just having something to snuggle up in like that would be brilliant.

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    I also like "normal" sleeping bags when Im sleeping outdoors and I stay together with others, but other than the one I displayed, they dont comply when you turn around multile times in the night. I sometimes happened to ly outside the sleeping bag in parts at least, which cannot happen with the baby-editions, as the arms are stuck through the holes and therefore the sleeping bag has to follow any of your moves...very comfy!

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    I never really seen one of those but as a kid I always played around with my sleeping bag when I woke up. Such as diving into it head first. <_>

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    A few years ago I made my own gro-bag style sleeper out of polar fleece. While I quite enjoyed the idea of it, actually sleeping in it has a been a bit of a challenge: While the rest of me is warm, I find my arms and shoulders freezing. Wearing anything else under it, I just get too hot. That said I might try the Privatina one at some point - maybe it was my design that was lacking

    Years ago, they used to make baby sleeping bags with long arms. I remember as child being jealous of a younger cousin being bundled in such a thing. I believe they're not considered safe these day due to the risk of the baby rebreathing into the sleeve or something. Pity.

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