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Thread: Anyone go out in public and try to get "caught" ?

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    Default Anyone go out in public and try to get "caught" ?

    I'm just wondering if anyone else does things like this as well. I really like to go out in public using my diaper(or not, depends if there is a handicapped restroom to change) and try to get caught.(e.g. bending over so your shirt rides up, doubling up your diaper so its super bulky and obvious when you walk, smell, waddle, backpack with diaper materials in it, swimming so when you get out clearly something is sagging) Myself personally, i enjoy going to a local YMCA-esque place, its called the Kroc Center, and i like going there use my diaper to its fullest, change myself(i usually bring a backpack with some cloth-backed Abena M4's and wipes) in the handicapped restroom they have. There is just something exhilarating about having people find out you are in diapers(for me) and if worse comes to worse you can just make up some story about why you need then which would probably be fairly easy.

    Anyone else feel this way too?

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    No, because I don't want to embarrass myself or foist it on other people.

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    Sometimes i want to, but really just because i wan't people to recognize my baby side, and think it would be cool if people treated me a little more babyishly, however, i know it wouldn't quite turn out that way. So no, i try to avoid the tenancy in public. At my apartment though, i feel like there is a little bit better of a reason for people in my appartment to know, because if they did, it wouldn't be such a burden to hide, so sometimes i have gotten a little bit risky about not hiding certain baby things. Most of the people in my apartment actually know now anyway though.

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    I wear in public everyday and don't flaunt it or plan on getting caught.

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    I wear in public sometimes and I do everything in my power to wear discreetly. I would die from embarrassment if I got caught. I don't know why anybody even IC people would want to get caught.

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    as close as ill ever get, ill go out with clothes on after changing and throw away the used one

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    I usually wear in public but I don't try to get caught. I'm kinda meh about it though, I won't go to great lengths to conceal it.

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    I occasionally wear in public, I guess because I'm diaper horny at the time, but I conceal it well. I know too many people where I live.

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    I will wear in public, but I don't like the idea of getting caught. I'm actually always paranoid that the back of my pants is suspiciously bulky when I go out diapered.

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    I like the anonymity of being a dl and getting caught in public is not my idea of a good time.

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