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Thread: hello from litll old utah

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    Default hello from litll old utah

    Well I'm 21 and as I can remember if always was curious about diapers and sense about 13 have always wanted to wair them for lack of my own cash and an unwillingness to talk to my mother I had to wait then I got a job after highschool I now usaualy have a starch usaualy of walgreens fitted briefs I like hunting fishing and wildlife viewing especially waterfowell (alot Easter to hide diapers in Wadders haha ) I would love to move to Montana I love college football usu Aggies and Boise state are my favorite teams I have a slite interest in animae lots of friends in highschool in animae club I never joind

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    Hello rilo and welcome to the group.

    This was a very nice introduction.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Welcome aboard, I absolutely loved travelling thru Utah, did it on a motorcycle trip in 2006, one of the most beautiful states I have seen yet! Plan a return soon!

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    Hi Rilo. Nice to hear from a fellow Utah AB. Hope you find some stuff of interest here. If you wanna chat with someone kinda local feel free to skype me at diaperdiabetic.

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    Hello from me You know your name kind of sounds like a shortened version of Riley Kilo. She's a celebrity in the abdl world. Here is a video of her. You know, you remind me of when I used to buy 3xl plastic pants. It was back in the 80's, I had a 29" waist and also not much money.

    Welcome to Adisc

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