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    hello everyone,

    just a small review of a heavy wetter like i am,

    i've used Tena for like 12 years but due insurance problems i've gotten the oppertunity to try out the Absorin brand,

    coming from Tena Slip maxi non cotton feel now to Absorin cotton feel orange

    the tena maxi was ok but leaked thru the plastic... so i was wet with a diaper on
    also they smelled like pee fast, and stayed a bit moist and ruined my skin also the rare unexpected BM went stinky fast...

    now the Absorin is great ! upmost discreet in sound but grows when wet.. ultradry feeling and completely out of the blue while bending over to get someting out of the closet my bowels emptied in my diaper.. luckily i was alone... anyway...

    its a great diaper from a IC perspective and semi diaperlover... thick absorbent and as good as possible !

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    Hey Jaydeey, this looks like an interesting looking diaper I would like to try, so thanks for the review! Did you order these online? Because when I googled it, it came up with the EuroDL website.

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    You can get these on save express / airoliver.

    They are very good, as are the purple ones. There was also an excellent plastic backed white diaper that was discontinued long ago

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    also, after recieving my pharmacy order i've got the new ones, and they are even better, much higher leak barriers and almost silent sticky tapes... they are a tad thinner but when wet they bulge out quite a bit... i almost have to waddle....
    also using Absorin T fit green and they are great also especially when doing activity's ( love to walk in the nature with my camerabag)

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