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Thread: should I be in diapers every night?

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    Default should I be in diapers every night?

    Dont know exactly why I was put back in diapers at 7, but I was, lasted probably a few weeks but thats how I got started with diapers. Fast forward to now and im 35 on my own, I have been wearing pretty much 24/7 for the past 6 yrs. Up untill this yr I maybe had 2 bedwettings or close call a year. Now this year, I been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and getting close to diabetes 2.i been mentally keeping track of my accidents since march, and ive had 6 accidents. One I can say was my fault cuz I drank too much beer, but other then that 2 times were waking up while wetting and 3 of them were either not waking at all or not not being fully awake, when it happens. Im sure that the diapers make me more prone to wetting but I know at least 2 of my accidents happened when I wasnt diapered.
    I had a urine test and came back good so thats why I think its probly sleep apnea and phsychological mixed.
    Do u guys think I have a legit reason for wearing diapers every night, or do u think is a self dulfilling prophecy (physchological side, and worry of more accidents).

    Thanks guys for any feedback

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    I think from a DL point of view you have a legit reason, because it is what you and the rest of us like to do- which is to wear diapers.

    From a medical point of view of wearing diapers- if you are having infrequent accidents it is best to stay padded up. If diapers are a drain on your financial resources then consider pull-up style diapers or perhaps an absorbent bed mat.

    Hope this helps!

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    There's a certain small percentage of the population that's into diapers. There's another certain small percentage of the population that will develop mild IC at your age. You may simply be in the area that overlaps.

    I'd consider that overlap a good thing in your case. Not from the "wow I wish I could become IC and enjoy my diapers more!", but instead to be in the "well I already enjoy wearing diapers, so it's not such a drag to be needing to wear them now." There are a lot of IC people that hate having to wear diapers. That just makes you an IC that's having a much easier time coping.

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    I started several years back wearing protection after a few bed wetting accidents. I would wake up after I wet and felt the wetness. In those days I wore large
    female ultimate IC pads inside my panties. Then switched to Depends Belted shields and used them until they quit making them. Then wore Depends adjustable
    till they were no longer carried in the drug stores. I've been in diapers ever since then going back over a year and a half.

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    Go ahead and indulge!
    BTW, i saw your avatar and am insanely jealous of your incredible Abena stockpile!
    Its a Diaper lovers heaven.
    What i would give to try just one....

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    Glad to see some replies, bambinod , what u said makes the most sense to me. The other thing I noticed is that my wettings started happening more after I started using the cpap machine. So even tho it gelps with my zzzzz apnea, I think cuz of the better zzzz, acreason for accidents.
    That abena stash is a few years ago. Right now I got a good stash of like 3 cases and a few opened packs. And im able to afford one case a month and consider im niw unemployed and have a legit reason for diapers, I think im lretty lucky. I prefer not to do pullups or depends, since they leak to easily.

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    Btw forgive the typos, cuz I only have the internet on my phone.

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    I would be concerned about approaching type II diabetes and drinking a lot of beer. The beer will jack up your carbs and thus your sugar. It also will contribute to weight gain, things that will push you into type II. That may be impacting on your incontinence. For what it's worth, my wife has type I diabetes and we do home dialysis. Something to think about.

    I'm going to do the sleep study as I too have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. I can't say as I'm looking forward to sleeping with a mask on my face, but I'm tired all the time and I need to do this. I like to sleep diapered, so I'm not sure how this is going to play out with my "little space".

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    Judging from your picture you have more than enough to wear every night. Also I am no doctor but doesn't alcohol have tons of suger in it when it breaks down in your body?

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    Well they took an old boss toe off for not stopping drinking .
    You just cant drink next they will take his leg.
    Please look after your self.

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