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Thread: AB 'Essential items' when starting out

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    Question AB 'Essential items' when starting out

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! this is gonna be only my second topic here so far so take it easy on me okay? :P

    Anyways, I searched both google and here high and low for some comprehensive details on stuff I should be adding to my 'AB starter kit' in the near future and came up mostly empty past what I already was planning to get....
    this is what I currently have (sans a handful of diapers typically, which are Depends Protection With Tabs by the way)

    and next week I'm planning on snagging a mattress protector ( Mainstays Waterproof Mattress Cover |
    as well as one of Adult Baby Nursing Bottle include Adult Size NUK Nipple | eBay
    and MAM Pacifier with NUK 5 Nipple Adult Baby Pacifier Dummy Soother | eBay

    plus some wipes, diaper rash cream and another variety of powder. oh and maybe some nice new stuffies ^.^

    But back to the question, what else good/essential/etc am I missing aside from clothes? (something that likely has to stay on hold for quite some time as I'm actively trying to lose weight and due to budgetary reasons)

    am I forgetting anything? the only other things I can think of are clothes and better diapers (again due to being poor as dirt each month I get to stick with Depends which I have yet to try wearing through the night as laying down with a full one equaled leaking once already *frowns* although I had flooded it a reasonable amount...plastic pants are going to have to wait a couple months I think but I do plan to get them)

    Sorry if this seems a bit ranty and dragged out, I'm all about details (often providing too many) as well as being in a bit of a rush as bedtime fastly approaches.

    Any and all input is welcome and appreciated :3 thank yous in advance!
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    I do want one! its very difficult finding the happy medium between 'small fleece throw style' blankets and 'average bed sized blanket' for me since I'm a bigger girl...I have a realllly cute one with kitties on it but it only *just* covers me so no extra for snuggling around me x.x its on the 'if I see it and I has the money, I gonna gets it' list! *giggles*

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    go to a fabric store and find a fleece you like and get two and 1/2 yards that is the perfect size to snuggle in. Bottles are good and finding toys you like is fun.

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    oooo, good idea, I actually never thought of that, got some good ones near me too ^_^

    as for toys, that isn't really my thing, I'm mostly a geek so keep myself busy with video games and the like even if they're not really babyish heh.

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    Music, some music can and does bring out the little...

    Rattles, etc...

    Mobile/projector...they project onto the ceiling ...

    An as you've said, clothing, diapers, and diaper covers...


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    If you can't afford better diapers than depend, try buying a package of your favorite baby diapers. Cut the back of the baby diaper and put it in the depend as a stuffer. Before I could get better diapers, I used Huggies and the baby diapers held far more than the depend.

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    Depends ?! Not the greatest quality . I use Tranquility overnite there on amazon and a box of 72 mediums ( 4 packs of 18) is about $60.00 with free shipping. Sure its a hair more then depends but they hold a little over a quart with the peach padding . Also if your looking for baby bottles of good size ( 9oz) try your local dollar store if you have one or a walmart. I was just at the dollar store and I saw a Gerber first essentials 9 oz bottle for 75 cents each !

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    Unfortunately I live in Canada, land of the few local diaper brands (or maybe its just my smaller city though we are considered the largest for the region) so Depends is the best I've found for my meager budget (to put things in perspective, I'm currently not working and the stuff I mentioned I'm getting next week is already pushing my typical monthly budget for this part of myself)...Amazon is alright for pricing but as mentioned, I'm in Canada and most sellers (and Amazon themselves) do not ship here or without insane shipping rates for anything from that site :\ Ebay doesn't seem much better.

    as well the major issue I'm having locally for diaper brands is not many go up to my currently high waist size .__. (hence working on losing weight) the Depends in the picture (two big stacks) aren't too bad, I've tried all but one of their other pullup varieties I can get locally and I definitely agree those all suck but the Protection With Tabs are 'ok' for now.

    problem with dollar store bottles (I've checked) is the small nipples or super slow flow x.x I've tried fast flow playtex nurser nipples (in pic) and even those are a bit slow so I dunno what much else I can do although I will be having one more look around at places like walmart before putting down the hefty amount for the ebay one I linked in my OP from baby-pants with the NUK5 nipple.

    I dunno about stuffers, they might just make the likelihood of leaks easier with the Depends to be honest but if a good enough sale goes on down the road I may give them a try, just not right away.

    mobiles/rattles aren't my forte (at least yet, this is a fairly new world I'm exploring to be honest, I do know I enjoy it though to some degree) and have yet to find music that encourages my "little" side...I don't live in the best place for it either - single room dwelling with paper thin hallway doors makes a lot of things difficult.

    anyways, thank you for all your advice and suggestions, even though I've been 'shooting down' many of them I do appreciate them since they add to a divided list of 'things from AB lifestyle I'm probably not interested in' and 'things I should be looking for' in my head at the very least :3

    I got just less than a week still, I welcome any suggestions not already said though~

    thanks again!

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    I recommend a NUK bottle. You can probably find one cute enough for you. Though they come with a 0 month nipple, which is too small. You can get from Amazon a 6 month fast flow nipple. It flows pretty quickly, and fits in my mouth pretty well. I recommend it, and it is latex. I wouldn't get a NUK5 nipple, because not only is it huge, way to huge, looks ugly and nothing like a baby bottle nipple, and would throw me out of a cub mood pretty fast.

    Just my two cents.

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