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Thread: Wearing diapers in the military?

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    Default Wearing diapers in the military?

    This has been brought up before but could not find it. Would it be even possible to sneak in and wear diapers in a barracks?

    Also for fighter pilots they can use catheters but if they want can they wear diapers?

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    Define barracks, the larger bases have actual houses and apartments for full time people so you have all the privacy you need.

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    Managed to get away with it now and then when I was in the Marines. I had to keep my ear to the ground though. We had 'health and comfort' inspections where they would basically go through everything to ensure that your room was 'healthy and fit to live in' when essentially they were searching for contraband. We also had an inspection of our rooms after the weekly 'field day' which was essentially a 'clean your room' day so you could enjoy the weekend liberty. It also helps when you don't have a roommate. Is it possible? Sure, but it is hard and the results of being caught are greater than ever. When I was in the military was basically an adult version of high school.

    If you're single you're not living in the base housing. That sort of housing is generally reserved for families and occifers. Mostly occifers though, had a buddy that waited on a list for a house with a wife and kid for nearly a year and then his enlistment period ran up.

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    I'm planning on joining the Air Force. I'm also single, so I doubt they'd give me a house. Definitely gonna have to get used to not having my plushie to sleep with though, but that'll be nothing compared to basic training! all 3 of my cousins in the army say that basic sucks, but after you graduate, things get a lot better.

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    If you are asking about sneaking them into basic training, it will be hard if not impossible to hide. At basic training they do frequent inspections. After basic if you live on base they will probably inspect you living quarters once a week. I would wait until you live off base before you start keeping diapers in your room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaddedGamer View Post
    This has been brought up before but could not find it. Would it be even possible to sneak in and wear diapers in a barracks?
    Which Barracks? The branch of service, current status (basic trainee, trainee, or permanent party), location, marital status, and your rank all factor in to the possibility. Basic training allows zero privacy. Navy ship or submarine duty absolutely cancels out the option. It is possible under the right conditions.

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    i was in the navy and some bases have what is called a locker club off base where you can STORE contraband.

    The navy base i live out side of now NWC china lake has car searches at the gates at least once a week done by marines.
    They go through everything and i know they saw a bag of my diapers at least once but i am a disabled Vietnam veteran and could care less about Jarheads.

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    I never joined per se...just contract work...but spent plenty of time on bases over the ten years...I'd say that on base it wouldn't be worth the trouble...

    If your deployed it's not even on your mind either...

    Id say if your going the military route...better set aside the diapers for awhile...


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    Concur, based on several years Active Duty in the Coast Guard
    If you're getting BAH and have your own place, maybe, but otherwise it's probably not worth the hassle and risks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbabybret View Post
    Id say if your going the military route...better set aside the diapers for awhile...

    Proper planning before joining will allow both to co-exist. I would emphasize choosing a branch and job most conducive to privacy. The Air Force has the best dwelling standards and regard for privacy. Even during technical training while restricted to base, a person could procure and use diapers in a dorm (Air Force version of a barracks). Also, if married and accompanied, base housing grants a much higher degree of privacy than single personnel receive. Making rank also gives higher levels of privacy.

    Military service and diapers may co-exist, just with more caution and planning than civilian jobs. Bed wetting is instant disqualification.

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