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Thread: Does this song ring true for you little ladies?

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    Default Does this song ring true for you little ladies?

    This song popped up on my Pandora station and I was suddenly reminded of the sissy/LG community. The reason it reminded of this community was because it seems like many into cross dressing or going into little girl mode do it for escapist reasons. What do you think? Does it ring true for you? Or not?

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    Speaking just for myself, I find a lot of parallels with why I'm an LG. The singer sounds like she's pretty happy with who she is overall, but wants the chance to escape into being someone else. Trying on a new identity for a while, as easily as trying on a new piece of clothing! That is, in my mind, a big part of what being an LG is all about. Even though I like who I am, I also want to be able to escape into a new "character" sometimes - with different looks, expectations, and roles. Sometimes, we get tired of being ourselves, and want to take on a new reality. That's a big part of what being an LG - or even an AB in general - is all about! So I'd say that for me, the singer is definitely making some parallels here.

    I think this is mostly true in a genre sense. LGs have specific identities they like to take on, for specific reasons, which isn't addressed in the song obviously. She's singing very generally about escapism, and what I do is definitely a form of escapism. So I think it fits.

    Part of it may also be that the singer's quite peppy and upbeat, too...that always helps with falling into the little mindset, lol.

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